Are they breeding gaggles of Ryan Goslings?

“Oh, look, that Ryan Gosling fellow who never smiles is Sexiest Man of the Year,” I thought, till I looked closer and found it was his scruffier clone, Bradley Cooper (who I always confuse with gay/gray fox Anderson Cooper anyway). Now Anna Hathaway is engaged to someone named Adam Shulman, and damned if he’s not Ryan Gosling, too!

I am old enough to remember the 1970s, when everyone was John Davidson, and that was hard enough to get through. Wait till Anne signs the marriage certificate and says, “Wait, Ryan, what’s with this ‘Adam’ stuff?”

FWIW, which I’m sure is next to nothing, I don’t think any of those guys look similar at all.

Agreed. After Googling, it looks like Adam Shulman even has dark hair. Perhaps some optics is in order?

On he is a dead ringer for Ryan Gosling, light hair and all–of course, I am a middle-aged lady, so everyone under 30 looks the same to me; but damned if they don’t all look alike: skinny, scruffy, long-nosed blondish guys.

They look alike to me!

Also, if they are breeding gaggles of Goslings, where do I order one? I think he’s rather sweet.

Eve, I saw the exact picture you’re talking about, except it was on the Us cell phone app. He does look like Ryan Gosling, which is what all the comments discussed.

And I agree. If someone is duplicating that guy and handing out extras, I’d like to sign up for one too!

They totally look alike to me. Also that Ken guy on Mad Men.

Normally, I’d say he really does nothing for me but heck - if you’ve got extra I’ll take one.

I can’t say that I see it. Bradley Cooper looks like Ryan Gosling? I hope Ryan doesn’t hear you say that or he might be insulted. I would, twere I him.

A GIS for all three tells me that Cooper and Gosling do look very much alike, and that Adam bloke in some of his pictures. I’d easily mistake the first two for each other.

Steve Talley, who lit up the screen in the phenomenal American Pie: Beta House, also looks like Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale.

I saw Cooper on a magazine cover today and I thought he looked like Ryan Gosling on a bad day.

I wonder if they’re all going to grow up to be Ryan Geese…

:smiley: I actually spat on my screen a little bit.

In the 30’s/40’s you had actors with slicked back hair and little pencil thin mustaches on their upper lips. In the 50’s you had muscular guys in t-shirts with DA haircuts. In the 2000’s, you get the Ryan Goslings, with bland generic man-faces.

I think it’s all in the eyes: little squinty eyes that are too close together.

They look like geese to you? I think you need to take a closer gander.

It helped to keep them classified: Robert Wagner, Warren Beatty, Troy Donahue, Tab Hunter, Dash Riprock, etc. in the spliced James Dean/Pat Boon section; adjunct from the Italian section: James Franciscus. Tony Franciosa. James Farentino.

John Davidson was in the blow-dried Mormon section with the Osmonds, the juvenile leads from Eight Is Enough, and Bert Convy as their token Jew.

They look different to me as well. Ryan is quite good looking. Bradley Cooper, no thanks. I’ll go with Anne Heche instead of him.

The first two I can see, in pictures where they have similar hair. I can’t see the last one though. His head has a different shape.