Are they building a new Titanic (Gigantic)?

I’ve done the google searches, and nobody seems to know exactly what is going on with this.

I heard (and have read) that a number of firms were collaborating on the construction of a new sister ship for the Titanic - preliminarily called Gigantic.

Now it seems that everyone is saying: “Nope - never gonna happen”

Anyone know anything more about this? As I say, done the google and people say it’s dead in the water…so to speak. If I’ve already got the straight dope though, that’s fair enough, but if anyone knows any different… - for all your household comedy needs

Don’t know about what it’s going to be called, but if it happens, this will be, by definition, gigantic.

I’ve read about this in other papers/periodicals etc, and it looks awesome. 1/2 mile long, 25 stories high, 90,000 permanent residents, 2,000 security staff, hospitals, you name it.

BTW, I found it with google using ‘floating city’.

I saw something about this a few years ago in the paper but I thought it was supposed to be bigger than the one above. I remember it was supposed to have a 9 hole golf course and a few other things not talked about in the other article. It also said something about it being able to take 100 foot waves with little to no movement.

That’s all I know though.