Are Those Jaguar XJ6 -V8 Conversions Worth It?

The 1980-1990 Jaguar XJ8 sedans are beautiful cars. They do, however, have a lot of repair and maintainence issues. Because of this , a fair number of owners have resorted to ripping out the original engine and transmission, and replacing them with a Chevrolet V-9 engine, and GM transmission. Are these conversions a good deal? presumably you get a car that is much easier to service, and the parts are easier to obtain. On the other hand, you have not quite a Jaguar (“FrankenJag”)-and experts claim the additional weight adversely affects the handling.
Do you know anyone who has done this? How much does it cost?

A buddy of mine had this done. I never noticed a big difference in handling from the new V8. He went with a 5.0 litre out of an Chevy IROC Camaro. It is a very reliable engine and has power to spare. I can’t help you with the price of the conversion sorry.

Regarding impact on collectability, yes you now have a Franken-Jag so pretty much any collector status, whatever was there to begin with, is now gone. But you have a relatively cheap engine to work on and maintain now.

Nobody is collecting Series III or Mark II Jaguar XJ6/XJ12s anyway (the XJ8 designation didn’t come along until 1997).