Are Those "Painted On" Swimsuits legal?

I was wondering-those women (models) who sport those painted on swimsuits-would they get in trouble for wearing these at a public beach?
They look amazingly realistic, I assume only a close inspection would reveal that the garments are not real.

Or a dip in the ocean, if they happened to use water-soluble paint!

I’d have to look at a pic to give an opinion.

Actally, I saw an answer to the basic question on Manswersjust a couple of weeks back. If you can see nipples, anus or labia, then the woman can be arrested for indecent exposure – in most places, whatever that means.

So, two Band-Aids, a butt plug and a merkin and you’re legal?

In Canada, the Criminal Code defines “nude” as “so clad as to offend the public order,” whatever that means.

Ontario courts having ruled toplessness in public legal, if a woman were wearing a bikini bottom, she could then wear a painted-on bikini top with impunity if she cared to.

So, what you’re saying is, I will be invited to the next Dopefest?

Make sure your butt plug has a flange, and your bandaids are big enough to cover the area of color contrast. The merkin? Well, I dunno, it seems like if you let your bush grow wild and free, and you happen to be of a particularly hairy disposition, you might not even need one. I guess that might even work if you have an especially hairy ass for the anus.

But honestly, if I saw somebody that hairy walking around naked on the beach, I’d be inclined to call the cops myself. At least the fashion police. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda reminds me when Homer and Bart got lost in the woods and wrapped shrubbery around their midsections. Or the Monty Python guy who comes crawling out of the surf,

Evsn if it is legal that doesn’t mean just anyone should do it. Like those huge men who wear those tiny bikinis, they should be arrested for exceeding the speedo limit.

I have assumed that since they are covered-by the paint-they meet the letter of the law. Heck, if visible nipples are illegal, what happens on an unexpectedly cold day?
But I don’t know. Nice pictures though.

…or the National Enquirer.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just put on a swimsuit?

Sure, do it the easy way.

When the hard way involves a butt plug, yes.

You must suffer for your art. :smiley:

If it lacks a flange, it’s not a “butt plug”. It’s an “embarrassing trip to the emergency room”.

Legal where? Every State and municipality has different rules, some vague and others very specific.

They look fairly convincing in carefully posed print, but not as much on video and probably less in person with depth perception. I’ve seen some Sports Illustrated video where they blurred the crotches.

Most pictures I’ve seen show the woman with her legs pretty firmly pressed together.

OTOH, how about an actual swimsuit with nipples, anus and labia painted on it?

“We don’t have a lost and found box. We have an ass box…”

Huh. I’ve only seen these online, and I always assumed they used those sticky pads to cover themselves up so they wouldn’t fall afoul of indecent exposure laws.

I mean, as a kid, I would inspect those pics very carefully, and, at least in the ones I had, you could not see anything they couldn’t show on basic cable.