Are Twinkies truly baked?

I once heard from some source, which i can’t remember now, that Twinkies are either not baked, or that they are baked but the brown ‘baked on look’ found on their undersides is actually artificially placed there.

I’m willing to believe the part about the baked on look, but I’m hard pressed to believe that they aren’t actually baked and instead are extruded from some type of Twinkie-machine…

Anyone have some idea about this?

I know that if you put a twinkie on a plate, and put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, then you will have a puddle of greasy liquid when it comes out. The twinkie will seemed to have mysteriously canished…i will never eat another twinkie after learning this

I, conversely, am going to stop and buy some Twinks on the way home just to try this out!!! :smiley:

Yeah, they’re baked. A friends brother worked for Continental Bakeries in Colorado and among other things they baked Twinkies. They are baked in pans kind of like muffin pans, but Twinkie shaped of course. They run on a conveyer through the batter filling process and into the ovens. The filling is injected after the baking is complete and the Twinkie is cool.

He brought home old pans and I have one I sometimes use for corn bread.

This is mentioned in the Urban Legends (actually, AFU) FAQ at (unfortunately, no details are given):

Twinkie Twitter

Please be sure to report back with your results!

It does this for two reasons: (1) The high amount of fat and sugar in the cake, and (2) the creamy filling, which heat to a liquid, and melt anything in its way.

In response to the OP, the following was found at in response to a letter they received claiming that Hostess themselves admitted twinkies were not baked:

I suggest you also check out the rest of this site for more scientific information about Twinkies.