Are Wallace and Gromit movies for adults?

Not in the porno sense, simply aimed at adults.

I ordered 2 from Netflix for my (going on 3) grandchildren, and someone said they’re not for kids.

The movies are:

Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Three Amazing Adventures

There are a few mildly risque sight gags in Were-Rabbit, like a woman proudly displaying a pair of melons by holding them at chest level. I can’t think of anything at all naughty in the others.

As for being “not for” kids period, I think kids ought to love them.

I haven’t seen Three Amazing Adventures but The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was good and would’ve been better if I was a kid. They’re “all-ages” movies but very slightly more geared towards kids, IMO.

They’re all-ages films. There’s nothing inappropriate in them and your grand-kids will love them, and you’ll find they’re very watchable and funny as well. They’re also very English, so you might miss some of the subtleties if you aren’t up on English culture and mannerisms, but there is absolutely zero in them that could be considered offensive, not suitable for kids, or otherwise anything except G-rated.

What others have said, they aren’t “not for kids”. But keep in mind that they aren’t actually aimed at kids. They are aimed (more or less) at an adult audience. They just happen to be kid friendly and whimsical, which makes them also perfectly kid appropriate.

I recommend all of them, but the first two shorts in particular are brilliant.

That and Wallace ending up naked, wearing a box that says “May Contain Nuts”.

Whoever told you they were not for kids is a loon.

I’d say they’re as much aimed at adult sensibilities and humor as they are attractive to kids. As said above, they don’t have anything in them you wouldn’t want kids to see – but there’s a lot in them that kids won’t catch on to. I’d wager Nick Park et al had adults in mind as their audience. Note that Sesame Street has been slipping in bits of aimed-at-adults humor since forever, but no one’s going to tell you the program is not for kids.

Yay for Wallace and Gromit!

The first time I saw “The Wrong Trousers” (I was in my late 20s) I was enthralled. Years later, in my 30s, I sat down with my older sister and her two young children and we watched the first DVD. All four of us had a great time.

I watched Curse Of The Were-Rabbit in a small independent theatre with my girlfriend when it came out a few years ago. Place was packed with adults and kids of all ages, everyone loved the show.

Great stuff. You’ll love it and so will your grandkids - like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Shrek or other modern animation, suitable for all ages. Some of the humor is aimed at adults but it goes right over the heads of little kids, they don’t know they’ve missed anything.

Their target demographic is “the clever.” Age not specified.

Thanks, all.

Let us know how you like them!

Okay! They’re coming in tomorrow!

They’re great fun. If you like them, you might like Chicken Run as well (not a Wallace and Grommit, but similar).

As were the Warner Brothers cartoons, etc. But I can not imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t been able to watch them over and over again as a kid.

I would say that Wallace and Gromit are movies for the kid inside everyone. Anyone who says that “Wrong Trousers” is not for kids is a raving loon and ought to be shut up in a large box and forced to watch Bronowski end to end without a loo break.

Whenever one of the old-time Warner Bros. cartoon directors was asked if their cartoons were made for children, they usually responded, “We made them for ourselves.”

Much like the gang at Termite Terrace and the Disney folks in their heyday (and Pixar today), Nick Park and the Aardman gang have certainly made some captivating and funny films that appeal to adults and children- and the three Oscars Park has won for working with Wallace and Gromit certainly attest to that. I look forward to the new short and the Telltale adventure games they are working on.

My kids love Wallace and Gromit, but I would warn you about one of the Adventures–A Close Shave isn’t at all naughty, but it can be quite scary for a little kid. Watch that one on your own first and judge whether your kids are old enough to not freak out about the big scary dog and his big scary machine that’s going to eat up the little lambikins.

You want adult material in an unexpected medium, I suggest you check out Justice League: The New Frontier. Yikes. There’s a scene early on with Hal Jordan that’s closer to Heavy Metal than Super Friends.

Look out for Aardman’s Creature Comforts too. I love Shaun the Sheep, a spin-off from The Wrong Trousers believe it or not, but I’m not sure if it’s available in Region 1 DVD yet. If you can play Region 2 disks, it’s well worth checking out.

Oh, and of course Flushed Away, if only for the singing slugs!

All eminently suitable for children, and for smart adults too.

Also colour me confused as to why they’re not suitable for children. My younger brothers and I had great fun watching the films when I was a late teenager and they under ten.

Were-Rabbit should be given an award for working up to possibly the best pun ever.

The 24-karat bullet

In my heart, I know they made the whole movie just for that pun.

Chicken Run is also wonderful, although it might be a little scary for very young kids. And, if you love WWII POW movies, you’ll get an extra kick out of it.