Are we allowed to pit mods as posters?

That is, if we think that a moderator is being a nogoodnik can we start a Pit thread and give them what for? Note that I’m talking about their actions as a poster, and not as a moderator.

For example:

Tenebras: The Teletubbies represent the apex of American art and culture.
Jackbootz: That’s stupid. The Teletubbies are a show aimed at two year-olds. If the target audience can’t control its bladder it ain’t art.
Tenebras: It makes me so mad that you disparage my Holy Bovine, I would like to call you names. Alas I am unable to do so in Cafe Society, so I will see you in <cue thunder> The BBQ Pit! [link]
Pit Thread

Tenebras: Jackbootz is stupid and smells like cabbage. He thinks that old people can’t watch television. I’ll bet her mother is real fat, just like she is. Poooooooooop!

Definitely. If you think I’m being an obnoxious fanboy in a Buffy thread, Pit away, full steam ahead.

Thanks for the quick response. Now on to more important business:

The Mayor or Glory? Choose wisely, Jackbootz, or face my wrath.

I like Glory better in heels and a dress, but no one could deliver a delightfully evil line like the mayor. If I want anyone running my apocalypse, he’s got the job.

Yeah, but Glory killed Buffy, so you EPIC PHAIL!

Plus, while The Mayor had the great season finale (with Prom Night and the kids) his plan was iffy (“I just want to be a big snake. Is that so wrong”?)

So clearly Glory rulez and you luze!

Yeah, the mayor failed to realize the major flaw in his plan was that giant dragony snake things are just lame and have, at most, a life expectancy of 42 minutes (plus commercials). When I get ready to destroy the world, he won’t be invited to showrun the final coup.

Glory gets bonus points for seducing the cold-blooded Ripper into coming out to play for a coupla moments. As he suffocated the life outta her, I vowed never to piss off another librarian again.

How dare you.

The Teletubbies represent the apex of British art and culture.

Plus, dude. The bubble-bath scene. Glory in the bubble-bath.

I win teh intranets!
Also, the “Willow womps Glory into orbit” scene is as good as the students vs snake finale.


Uh…I mean…


That’s stupid. If Teletubbies were British then they’d talk all snooty. But Teletubbies talk all cool like Ozzy Osbourne. Argot* Teletubbies are American.

Oh, and Skip, we’re cool.

Buffy killed herself.

Didn’t we just do this thread?

[sub]Ah… metahumour…[/sub]

Yeah, if you want to get all technical and stuff. But I mean…um…in a metaphorical context. That’s the ticket.

It would depend on the mod or admin whom you pit. Some are well natured and good at dealing with criticism, while others are overly sensitive. Don’t expect a single rule or a consistent application.

Apology accepted. :smiley:

Buffy is dead?

She got better.

When we changed the place to criticize mods for their moderating, we tried to be clear that mods can still be pitted AS POSTER. However, please be clear what you’re talking about.

So, in the Pit:

ACCEPTABLE: Jackboot said that Little Lulu comics are great literature, and so Jackboot is an idiot.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Jackboot closed my thread, and so Jackboot is an idiot.

QUESTIONABLE/DUBIOUS : Jackboot is an idiot.

See, on the last one, we don’t know whether this is a critique of moderating activities (hence not permitted) or a comment about artistic/political/etc opinions (hence permitted.) So, it will be important when pitting a moderator to be sure to indicate exactly WHY.

Obviously, outside the Pit, the same rules apply to mods as to anyone: you may criticize what the mod says or does, but not who they are. That is, criticism of opinions or actions, but not of personality. Or, said yet another way, no personal insults outside of the Pit.