Are we spelling it "barbeque" now?

I know I know, language evolves and if enough illiterate cretins do something, then it becomes “correct”.

I was doing a crossword puzzle the other day and the answer to one of the clues was clearly “barbecue”, which then made the crossing answer “Cueen Anne.” So I guess I was supposed to spell it barbeque.

On the other hand, the same crossword puzzle had “lesser than” spelled with three s’s. So maybe it’s just the author that’s an illiterate cretin.

Yes. Sometimes.

And that’s all I’ll say about that. I’m still reeling from the grilled cheese debate.

On the other hand, BBQ is standard, and BBC virtually non-existent.

I have a mug from the “South Carolina Barbeque Association.” It’s always bugged the shit out of me, but I assumed it was just a SC thing.

Good thing they aren’t going all fancy and adding an accent: “barbèque”. Because that would be pronounced “bar-BECK”, which would clearly be silly. :slight_smile:

That is how I’ve always spelled it. “q”


We are not! /Carson from Downtown Abbey

I always pronounce it the Spanish way. Bar-be-what?

I thought it was another one of these US vs. British spelling things. I’ve always spelled it with the “que” ending. Although I see that this is now an acceptable spelling, it is in fact not the original and preferred “cue” ending, which is derived from the Spanish-American barbacoa.

English has always had many alternate spellings that are generally accepted, so it’s not a question of “language evolving,” and I don’t know why anyone who’s literate would suddenly be upset by this particular one. A search of the Corpus of Contemporary American English will show publications such as USA Today, Popular Science, People, Money, Field and Streem, The Saturday Evening Post and Inc–going back at least 20 years–using this spelling, and a stroll down your local grocery store condiment aisle will show that it’s used on labels, too, as well as the proper names of businesses. All of this would make the spelling perfectly acceptable for a crossword puzzle.

It makes sense, really, because of the common abbreviation BBQ.


Cheque, please.

I’ve heard it both ways.

So who do I pay my TV licence fee to?

You can spell barbeque with a “c”?!

This. That is how I would be inqlined to pronounce it if it were spelled that way, even absent the aqcent grave.


In Australia we have always spelled if barbeque .

I think I’m going to say it like that from now on.

I thought y’all said Barbie.