Are we the smartest chat community on the Web?

Well, are we?


Except for a few of you.

You know who you are.

Present company excepted, I hope.

Damn straight we are.

:::picks nose, flicks booger:::

Yeah, we’s smart.

:::scratches butt, sniffs fingers:::

[sub]but apparently some of us aren’t smart enough to disable the smilies…[/sub]

Why is it when I say “damn straight” I am accused of being heterophobic?

The smart ones are all on the “Hobbes” team in Calvinball.

The good news is , yes, we are.

The bad news? Well, yes, we are…

I don’t understand the question.

This was supposed to be a serious (well, at least semi-serious) question. I guess what I wanted to know was 'How do we measure up, compared to other ‘boutique’ chatrooms:) I’ll admit that I’m definitely not a chatroom fan (not the electrical types, the other ones), but would assume that we would fare pretty well, were a list of top-quality chatrooms(quality of general knowledge, quality of discussion, overall quality of members) to be drawn up.

O.K., you may resume your idle banter now.

P.S.: Hey, Cristi:)

The collective penii of this place is MUCH bigger. :smiley:

[sub]Hi omni! :slight_smile: Sorry, I’m just in no mood for seriousness today…[/sub]

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fucking brilliant.

Modest, too.

Seriously, we’ve probably got the highest concentration of scientists / experts in various fields which I guess makes us the smartest.

Then of course there’s Uncle Cec, who could probably take us up ther single-handedly.

Collective? Doesn’t that hurt?

Smartest chat community? Yes, of course we are.

So guys, is it shoes first, then socks?

It’s also the only chat community with a person whose SN starts with “tig” and ends with “geril” who licks everyone as soon as they sign on.

[sub] I hope. [/sub]

Wow, I didn’t know quietgirl was that smart.

there being no empirical way to test our brilliance (which I’m sure is boundless). However, I would definitely apply the following superlatives to our chat/message board:

Most interesting
Biggest variety of topics
Most open-minded
Most addictive
Most caring
People with the most character
Most “real” people
Most non-snobby
Most fun


More than one pen.