Are Wi-Power and WiMAX the same thing?

WiMAX is marketing for microwave to the home or, more verbosely, an Internet connection provided by a microwave transceiver bolted onto your house and talking to a larger, more powerful transceiver on the top of some nearby hill.

Conveniently, WiMAX may or may not be the only marketing term for this. I’m about 90% sure Wi-Power (no NOT THAT ONE) is WiMAX in a different dialect. However, since marketers also write company websites, I can’t be sure because marketers are all adherents of negative theology, describing their product by what it isn’t (as it is what it is): Not dialup, not DSL, not satellite. Therefore, the website I’m looking at doesn’t mention microwaves and they certainly don’t mention WiMAX, as that would be invoking the infidel’s false god.

So, is Wi-Power the same as WiMAX or not?

This Wi-power diagram specifies a 5.2 ghz link.

Wi-Max does not use that frequency spec.

Wi-Power per it’s note that it is Motorola tech based is probably some variant of the MESH technology they use

Nnevermind. **astro **did much better than I did.


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Why the hell would I want to connect my microwave to the Internet? So I could make popcorn from the office? Refrigerator, maybe so it could auto-fill grocery lists and orders, but a microwave?
So, why the hell would I want a microwave split between my roof and the neighboring hill? Like I’m going to throw popcorn in the air and catch what comes down!