Are you a fan of any particular clothing/apparel brand?

Lots of people object to the idea of buying “brand” clothing/apparel because it´s pricey and can be interpreted as being snobbish.

I´ll be the first one to say, I´ll wear any shirt/apparel from any brand to no brand at all and be just as happy.

Having stated that, I do admit that I like the designs of Lacoste shirts:

So fellow Dopers, are there any particular brands of clothing/ apparel (can range from shoes, to purses to wristwatches) you particularly like, or do you have no opinion or hate for brands?

In shoes, I’m a big fan of Rykas. Boot-wise, it’s a hard tie between Justin and Ariat. Everything else is “as long as it fits, lasts awhile and doesn’t make me look like shit.”

If I’m getting a winter coat, I look at Columbia and North Face first. Running shoes- Pearl Izumi.

I wear a lot of Lands’ End. Tends not to itch me, and I itch a lot.

Because I’m a lard ass I like Harbour Bay clothes from Casual Male Big & Tall. They’re consistent.

Land’s End does have kind of “mom jeans” aesthetic, but their clothes (and other stuff as well) are truly quality.

Around here, I can get jeans that I don’t need to hem from either Bluenotes or the GAP. I find it hard to pay more than twice as much for a pair of GAP jeans, but they do fit better, every time. They make me feel skinnier. And then I hate my Bluenotes jeans that ride down at the ass and wish I had just spent the money at GAP.

I love Bluenotes jeans. Not just saying that because of the above post, that is what I was actually coming to post. They are cheap and fit me. Buying jeans there is an easy experience. I wear them until I wear them out and then buy another pair.

Oh and Doc Martens boots.

My L.L. Bean boots and jacket are wonderfully tough, and I’d definitely go with them again…when I have to.
Also, I like Fred is Red PJ’s - they are cute.

Patagonia, there is no substitute.

Boots - Doc Marten. I am in love with them.
Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters. Really comfy.
office wear - Alfani. It’s Macy’s store brand, pretty cheap but looks good.

Levi’s jeans.

L.L. Bean’s turtleneck shirts and mocs (shoes)

Lucchese boots.

Borsalino and Stetson hats

I like Timberland, and since it’s one of the companies that makes jeans that fit me (because I didn’t really take note before, because I didn’t have to, being in a place where jeans that fit me were relatively plentiful) I buy a lot of them online. Jeans in Japan, not so much made for my ass.

North Face and Patagonia both get high marks from me. I’ve never bought anything from either of them that wasn’t of exceptional quality, and I still have every single item I’ve ever purchased of either except for a jacket that got stolen and a t-shirt that got blood all over it. I also love the old Abercrombie stuff that I have, the stuff that predates the store becoming an over priced, pre-worn, cologne atmosphered pedophile rave. I wish that I could replace a few of the things that I’ve had from there, but alas, they don’t sell outdoors gear anymore.

For nicer occaisons I’ve learned that you can’t front on a Hugo Boss suit either.

Another Land’s End fan. I wear a lot of knits, and their knits don’t lose their shape or shrink. And their jeans last forever.

I like Eddie Bauer because their sizing is consistent. Once I know my size there, I will always be able to order that size (which is important, since no stores here carry petite, you have to order them - points off.) Pretty straight forward, middle of the road clothes that I can wear to work and in real life.

Also, Born, Clarks, and Asics shoes. I have high arches and their shoes are always comfortable.

I’m also a Land’s End fan.


Mainly because they’re one of the few clothing brands that have generous allowances for the chesticular region, even if you wear a small size.

Gloria Vanderbilt pants - they fit me well and they’re not so damn low-cut.