Are you a fast person or a slow person?

Me, I’m a fast person.

What I mean by this is that my normal rate of movement – be it walking or driving – tends to be fast. Not only that, but I simply can’t stroll or crawl. I realized this while on vacation with my father in Feburary, when we were walking around San Francisco (in Cali ;)): he walks. very. slowly. The man meanders. I was often walking ahead of him by half a block or so, and then waiting for him to catch up. One time he asked me “Why are you in such a hurry?” I said, “I’m not, I just can’t walk that slow!” I thought about it for a while afterwards, and realized it was true about me in general: I’m hardly ever in a hurry, and it’s not like I zoom past things so quickly that I don’t get to see anything, but I like to be moving. I won’t be keeping up with a hard-core NYC pedestrian or anything (those people walk fast!), but I can’t stand to meander or be stuck behind a slow-moving group of people. I don’t even like walking slowly for short distances: my officemate is a “slow person,” and years ago I stopped trying to walk to meetings with her. I’d just wind up way ahead, and then would feel bad – I didn’t want her to think that I was implying that she was too slow. Which she wasn’t! She was just too slow for me.

I drive the same way: I am almost never in a hurry, but I get frustrated if I can’t average 5-10 mph over the limit. (I will never, ever understand people on the interstate who sit in the right-hand lane and go 5-10 mph under the limit.) I don’t think I’d ever be happy driving a bus or a big truck for a living, because I think their slowness would irk me. I’ve tried driving slowly when I’m going to be very early for an appointment, but even then I can’t do it: I’d rather be ridiculously early and sit around with nothing to do for a while than drive slower than I have to.

Now, none of this means that I’m unsafe or inconsiderate, or that I’m incapable of stopping to smell the roses. All I’m saying is that when I’m walking or driving, I’m much happier if I can be going “at speed.” :slight_smile:

What about you? Are you a “fast person” or a “slow person?”

Fast, definitely. All of the things about those slower people you mentioned frustrate me.

An additional question, though: What about talking? To go along with my walking and driving, I talk quickly, too. And people who talk slowly drive me freaking bonkers.

Not sure I’m either. Tho I probably tend towards fast, any movement is certainly interspersed with sizeable stretches of inactivity.
I tend to think more along the lines of “efficient.” If you are moving, or doing something, well - get it done. And by all means, don’t do it in a manner that inconveniences others. Can apply to slowpokes in the left lane, as well as speedsters zipping around them. Whatever your pace, don’t be rude.

I am fast. I had the same experience when I went with my family on vacation - everything they did was slow. I nearly died. Fast and efficient.

Fast. Especially walking - I have no patience for people who walk slowly and block me from getting around them, be it on a sidewalk or in a store.

In addition to being fast, I’m also a bit too…intense. I hold things too tightly, press down too hard on the keys, that sort of thing. I have to concentrate in order to not “overdo.”

And sitting still with nothing to do can be nearly impossible for me to tolerate, unless I’m extremely tired. If I’m not, I have to have reading material, a puzzle, something to do. Or at the very least interesting things to watch.

Part of the reason I started the remodeling project I’m working on in our house was so I had something to keep me busy.

I’m half-fast. :smiley:

I tend to be faster on my own than when I’m with someone. On my own, I’m much more of a “get there now” kind of person. With someone, I’m more likely to be chatting and more inclined to mosey and/or wander.

Fast. Actually I think of my pace as “brisk”. I spend a lot of time grinding my teeth when caught behind people whose pace is “molasses”.

I’d guess I’m average to fast. My husband is sssslllllooooooowwwww. It drives me fucking nuts. We could be sitting next to each other and the phone rings. I get it before the second ring, it’s going to the machine before he gets it. Grrrrrr…

Fast. I can’t help it. I just can’t walk sloooooow. I try when I’m around my land turtle family but I usually have to do laps around them just to keep from going nuts. It’s not that I’m in some hurry or that I don’t stop to smell the roses, it’s just that I have a very long stride and walking slow seems unnatural.

Fast. I’m from New York. One summer I worked as a messenger - (before bicycles were used) and I walked all over the city. I’m faster than most New Yorkers. My nickname when I worked for the Post Office was Runner. When I lived in Louisiana, where most people are slow, I was twice as fast as the average pedestrian.

Remember the study showing that thin people naturally move more and faster than heavier people - even when sitting in a chair. I’m a thin person.

Meh. I’m there. I’m not fast, I’m not slow. I’m able to shift into said gears when necessary.

Fast, I drive fast in my underpowered Focus Wagon. I walk fast. I rush around in spurts of activity. I like to get things done and then relax. My wife finds this a little annoying.
The only thing I do not do fast is run. Never could. My Mile Jogging and Mile walking are nearly the same time.


I’m slow. I talk slow, walk slow (although I can perk up if I feel like it), drive slow, and sometimes even think slow. People who are fast make me nervous.

What, are you Winston Wolf?

…or just some law-breaking-rules-don’t-apply-to-me Yankees fan?


No, he had an overpowered car. A very nice one. But I am another ex-New Yorker. Maybe that is the common cause. :wink:


The Wolf was in LA. I’m not sure if he was transplanted or not.

Winston wouldn’t be a Yankees fan anyways. He likes sports.

just…scream when I get to you…come on…scream…just a little bit? a little girl?

Fast, for the most part. I’d much rather be moving or doing something, than sitting around on my butt.
Sometimes being lazy is fun, but I always feel like I accomplished nothing.

It depends on what I’m doing. I’m a fairly average walker and driver, but I think fairly fast (note: thinking fast does not mean that I think well). When people don’t catch on to what I’m saying or thinking quickly, it annoys me, which is unfortunate, because my brain often makes senseless leaps from the beginning of a problem or conversation directly to the end with little in the middle, which makes my thinking very difficult to follow. I’m not saying I come up with spectacular solutions to problems - although sometimes they’re spectacularly bad - just that I think them up quickly and expect everyone else to be moving at the same speed.

Still, not all of my solutions to problems are bad (I’d like to think that most are at least workable), but those solutions would be deployed far better if I thought through my own logic.

I’m extremely adaptable. If I’m with slow people, I’ll go slow. That’s in traffic, on a sidewalk, at a meal, in conversation. If I’m with fast people, I’ll go fast. I rarely am bothered by either.

Fast. I got short legs, but I walk faster than anyone I know and I don’t even try. Running speed is about average. I think fast, work fast, learn fast drive fast, swim fast, have sex fast and I talk fast–except at work where I have to speak more slowly to my customers.

And no, I never feel or appear to be in a hurry. Except when I actually AM in a hurry.