Are you a Male or a Female?

how would you like posters to refer to you on the SDMB?
He? She? Other?
I am a “he”.

I am still a male that wanted to link to the five other recent threads on if people here are male or female since we got the new poll feature, but was too lazy.

I’m male, as many posters know. Although some folks in the “not getting laid” thread apparently haven’t gotten the word.

Still, you’d think the “Cal” would tip them off.


I’m a “he”.

It’s odd - I’ve been on this board for almost a decade, and people keep on assuming I’m a “she”. I have no idea why.

I am a shee, and I keep getting he, too. Maybe it’s my aggressive posturing and peeing standing up.

If you’re a she(e), then “peeing standing up” by itself sounds like aggressive posturing.

Your name sounds like the female name “Alison”, made famous by the amazing Elvis Costello song by the same name. In fact, I hear that song in my head whenever I read your name (Aaaaaa-lison, my aim is tru-ue, my aim is true!).

I do have it solid that you’re a guy, though.

I’m a girl. “She”.

Female. She. But, really, if someone refers to me as a “he” here, I don’t really care.

[inspects genitals]


Always been a ‘she’ though there was apparently a rumor once, at a club I went to, that I didn’t used to be. Pretty easy to point to the birth video of my son as proof there, though (though, actually, it was shot from the perspective of my shoulder, so you can’t see anything. It could be a moon-landing-level hoax, I suppose!)


Didn’t even have to check, I remembered my member!

I thought everyone on the internet is a guy. :o

I’m a he, by the way.


Though sometimes people confuse me with a “she” because of the name but I don’t mind. I’m still trying to find this “she” though. I know “she” lives somewhere in the Baltimore area but that’s all I’ve been able to find out so far.

Male of the over-50 variety.

I am a male of my species.
With a name like ‘Gagundathar’ most people correctly assume a masculine gender.

I’ve not been mistaken as a he here yet.

At work, people see “Mel” and sometimes assume otherwise, however. I have more mallard-duck decorated vendor swag than one gal should have.

Male. But I sometimes pee sitting down.

I have no idea what that name means but it is, by far, the most masculine sounding thing ever. :smiley:

I’m a female.