Your Gender is important to me.

So that I don’t unmistakenly make a fool of myself and/or put my foot in my mouth.
Yesterday after reading some old topics…I found out that** Stoid, Walloon, and lel**(three dopers I had all this time thought of as males) were female.

This came as a shock to me.
Today, I find out that **EddyTeddyFreddy ** is also in the same class of me mistaking gender based on name.

Thing is, some of names here are misleading. Fern Forest? NurseCarmen? Muffin?
What is one supposed to assume genderwise of those names any short of actually asking? (For the record, they are all males)
So even though this has probably been done before, I just ask everyone to reply to this saying if they produce estrogen or testosterone.
Basically, just state your gender if you would be so kind to this ignorant newbie.

Hi, I’m Idle Thoughts, and I have a penis.

I would expect no less than idle thoughts of anyone possessing a penis. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm… you might want to reconsider requesting gender identification based on hormone production. Seeing as how I can’t be the only female Doper who’s postmenopausal and thus retired from manufacturing estrogen. :wink:

It’s okay if you say I’m female. Doesn’t matter, really.

My first post. Hi my name is Who the heck cares and I am a female.

estrogen/ no penis ownership

AskNott is male, and thank you for asking, I think.

No penis / female

Username is somewhat self-incriminating, but I do try to get in touch with my inner female on occasion.
Did I just say that out loud…?

Well, luckily no one’s managed to mistake me for a guy yet!

<------- definitely a female!

(although there was this time last year that fizzestothetop mistook ResIpsaLoquitor for a girl… this was in an AIM chatroom, with his obviously male name as his screenname)


Hi, I’m AntaresJB. I’ve got boobs and ovaries.


If I had an inner female, I’d stay home and touch her all day long.

Well, to quote the professor who was my academic advisor in college: “Words have gender. People have sex.”

I’m a member of the male sex. When I have “that other kind of” sex, it’s with somebody of the female sex.

I just wanted to say that I’m a female, but I don’t think my username is misleading in any way. A lot of people don’t know what it means, but it seems very girly to me.

Idle Thoughts, sorry for this quick hijack, but I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Welcome to the board!

One day I hope to be “dino-MAN

Ummm… take a lucky guess?


I don’t have any ovaries any more, and I’ve never been particularly girly or dainty, but I am decidedly womanly, bordering on matronly. Cut me some slack - I’m almost 50!!

Yes, but are you male or female? :wink:

The scene: The restaurant where we had the Kansas City Dopefest.

The action: I come up to the table and introduce myself. All goes well until WithaK says, “You’re Mirror Image? I thought you were a guy!”

Nope, definately not.

(and if that was not very well phrased, I am a girl)

looks down at her boobs and feels baby moving inside Well I’m definately female! I’ve never been mistaken for a guy here that I can think of.

this made me laugh outloud. :slight_smile: