Are you a phone caller or receiver?

What’s your incoming to outgoing call ratio? This can be found on your cell phone under “call counter” or some variation. Please do your best to reduce the ratio to the minimum. In my case it’s 36::11, so I’m a receiver.

After 3000-4000 minutes a month, does it really matter?

Couldn’t find it by # of calls, but time spent on dialed calls outweighs time spent on recieved calls by a 3:2 ratio.

Have to say, I really don’t care. I hate my cell phone. I hate being called where ever I am with MPSIMS.

SSG Schwartz

I don’t use a cel, but at home I am a caller. I try to keep friendships going by calling once a month or so. I occasionally insist that people call me back, just because I refuse to be putting in all the effort. But I do most of the calling.

I’m a caller, but it’s stuff like phone banking or contacting business clients that takes up most of the load. My phone doesn’t ring all that often, for which I’m grateful.

I’ve always thought of a telephone as being for my convenience - like if I need to order a pizza - not if my brother needs to ask me who wrote “Play that Funky Music”. Just because the phone is ringing doen’t mean I need to answer it. I very often carry my phone around in the off postion and just activate it when I want to make a call. The exception is when my kids are not with me. Even then, I set the numbers of their caregiver at the time with a distinctive ring so I know those are the only calls I absolutely have to answer.

My phone (a Treo 680) doesn’t have separate incoming/outgoing counters. Just an overall total which at the moment is over 10,000 minutes. (This is going back well over a year though and includes stats from my previous Treo 650 because it all syncs up to the PC)

I do call home a lot on my cell, though, and probably receive as many, so I’d say it’s about even when it comes to cell usage. At home though I’m definitely a receiver. Unless I have an actual reason to call someone I tend not to. I suck at small talk and hate feeling like I’m wasting someone’s time calling them about nothing. (Not that I don’t like just shooting the shit, I just don’t want to potentially interrupt someone from what they were doing just for that.)

65:13, in favor of incoming calls. And that includes calls my husband and son made out. I *hate *calling people.