Who makes/receives the fewest cellphone calls?

Looking at recent calls on my cell, since August 3, I see 3 incoming calls from numbers I did not recognize which I did not answer. The last call I answered was 7/31. A week before that, I made my most recent outgoing call on 7/24.

That’s a little below average. I see I made/received 9 calls in June.

Anyone use their cell less frequently than I?

(Anyone not have a cell?)

We have a landline at home, which we use every week or 2 to call our kids who live in different states. But basically, I hate talking on the phone! I’m very happy that my deskphone at work rings less than once a day - sometimes I will not make/receive a work call for weeks on end. I see 3 calls on my work phone since 7/1.

I forgot my phone at my parents’ on Monday. Will get it back in two weeks if I want to check the call history. I might make one or two calls from my wife’s phone until then, but can’t answer any.

And yes, there are posters here who claim not to use a cellphone at all.

I love it! I forgot my phone at work on a Friday a while back. If we hadn’t been heading out and passing by my shop later that eve, I would have been happy to leave it there until Tuesday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only three people know my mobile number, if I receive a call that isn’t from them I don’t answer it. Of those three people only one, my wife ever calls it, and then it’s really rarely as we tend to imessage each other (Or whatever the Apple text message is called) because it’s free. I don’t think I’ve made a call in six months and possibly only received one or two in that time.

I never receive cell phone messages (except from myself when I am testing my phones) as I always have the phone shut off to save battery usage unless I am making a call and I don’t have voice mail set up. I make phone calls only when traveling–usage is perhaps 2 to 3 times a year (except for tests). I would not have a cell phone except for the possibility of an emergency with my car or other possible emergency.

At home I use a landline.

Less than 2 incoming calls per day average. Most days have 0 or 1 but there are some days where I get 4 or 5. I block spam before answering, no record of those. Outgoing is less than 1 per day average because I call out on Skype when I’m at home. If I was on the road more often that would go up, but not by much, if I’m at my office I’ll use the phone there. I’m not counting calls to check voicemail, but they’re pretty infrequent.

Here’s my cell phone history for 2017. This does not count calls to add money to the phone.

Jan. 11 - 1 outgoing call
March 5 - 1 outgoing call
April 24 - 3 outgoing calls
April 26 - 2 outgoing calls (I was on vacation April 24-28)
June 27 - 1 incoming call
July 4 - 2 outgoing calls

I keep my phone shut off. I only use it to make a call when I am meeting someone and need to tell them where to meet or when to pick me up.

Excellent! I sincerely say that I look forward to not speaking with the lot of you! :smiley:

I once left mine in the Jeep for about 3 weeks. Never missed it.

I don’t use mine at all. It’s a flip phone that I carry with me when I’m alone, in case something happens of an emergency nature. My wife only uses hers to call to see if the bus is coming on time or to ask me to pick her up at the train station. We almost never answer them, as almost nobody has the numbers.

I hardly ever use my phone except when traveling. Also occasionally to call home. My pacemaker was examined this morning and I turned my phone on to tell my wife everything was fine and then turned it off again. She will go to the hairdresser tomorrow and turn her phone off. They had both been off since we returned from a trip July 22.

Me. I owned a tracfone once and I think I made 3 or 4 calls on it, received none except when I had somebody call me to test it. If I borrow (rarely) somebody’s phone, I have to ask them to dial it for me, I don’t know how. When Im traveling abroad, I use googlephone on my tablet, does that count?

I use my phone all day every day, but not for making calls. I receive 1-2 calls a month from someone I want to talk to, and 3-4 from numbers I don’t recognize (and don’t answer). I might make 1 outgoing call a month.

Made one call.
Received one call.

(When I got my new iPhone, I tested it by calling to and from my landline.)

Looking back through call history – mostly one call per month, sometimes two.

I’m pretty sure I got that record. My year is up September 1, and I have used 10 texts and 1 minute on my tracfone. I refuse to give out the number. :slight_smile:

I keep my cell phone in the car. I have to remember to turn it on at least once a month just to make sure it’s still in service. The only time I use it on a regular basis is when I’m traveling away from home.

I only carry my phone while on trips or if I was expecting an urgent message. My usage is under 10 min per year.

I effectively do not have a cell phone. I do have one, but it’s pay-as-you-go, and I keep service turned off until I need it. Since it’s $10 to activate a card, and I’ll probably only make 1 phone call, I just tend not to use it. It’s been years, so I don’t even know if it actually still works. Recently I have kept it plugged in so that it charges whenever my car is on, but I’m not blowing a $10 card on testing to make sure it works when I’ve gone years without needing to make a phone call while out on the road.

And I hate incoming calls.

I also have not sent a text message in my life.

I don’t have a cell phone, so I get and make zero calls on one.