Poll: How much time per week do you spend on your cellphone?

For purposes of this poll, this includes texting/instant messaging/tweeting.

Per week? I’d put it at a couple of hours per year.

1 to 2 minutes, tops.

Hmmmm. When we moved about five weeks ago, and were without a land-line for a couple of weeks, it was quite a bit. Now, though? I guess maybe an hour a week. I don’t text (much to my 18YO’s chagrin), I don’t tweet. If I’m out and about and someone really needs to discuss something right now, I’ll do it on my cell. But usually, I’ll ask if I can call them back from my land-line (unlimited long distance) once I get home, or if they can call me on my land-line in 15 minutes, etc.

I suspect that in this poll, there will be a lot of age divide. Younger people use their cell phones more, I think. I’m old (well, 47), grew up without a cell, and really only have it so I can reach someone in case of emergency, or if there’s a work emergency when I’m away.

Less than one minute.

What cell phone?

I voted above, as the only person so far so say 3 hours plus.

The only reason for this is a long distance relationship. We talk up to an hour or so a night, but also talk online too so it varies a bit. But we try to talk a lot. If not for talking to him I would not use my cellphone much, just for short conversations and texting mostly to coordinate plans or share a quick bit of info.

A few jobs ago I lived on the phone, and I travelled a lot, 3 hours a day would’ve been light. These days I don’t travel for work, and I don’t spend much time on the phone at all.

Typically, I use my phone three times a week to call home and say that I’m two stations away - please come pick me up. Total annual usage is about three hours.

Otherwise, I despise the device.

Wait, the time it takes to hit the send button, or the massive amount of time it takes my grotesquely huge, adult fingers to type the message? A simple text takes this old man the same amount of time as 6 phone calls.

About 5 minutes.

I’d spend more time on my cell phone if I could remember where I put it last.

I have a pay-as-you-go phone for emergencies. I rarely use it. I actually used it this week for the first time in months, but I was out and decided to get take out on the spur of the moment.

I do NOT “do” text messages or IM, if you are too busy to call me then I guess we will not communicate that day and Twitter seems to be for folks with attention-span problems.

Telephones are for transmittal of information, they are not! social lifelines. Most of my phone conversations are less than 2 minutes.

Probably 20 - 30 minutes a week total time, I’m never without my phone (for work I must always be reachable).


Thirty minutes to an hour and most of that is Saturday and Sunday when it’s unlimited talk and I call mom and my sis.

However, I spend forty to sixty hours a week dealing with people who don’t have a clue how to use the damn things.

I have come to the conclusion that most people who have a cellphone don’t know why they have it or how to use it.

Then again, I work at a call center so my population sampling may be a little skewed. :smiley:

I rarely use it as a phone. I do read books on it though and check my email and calendar.

If I’m traveling, that changes, and I will use the phone and GPS a lot more.

I have a cellphone…somewhere. Last time I saw it was in 2008. I think it was in the kitchen, so it might have ended up in a stew or something.

Seriously, one thing technology has **not **improved is telephoning :mad:.

Does this include other features of the phone? I have an iPhone. I probably spend about 10 minutes per week total texting or talking on it, but several hours using apps and listening to podcasts and such–I do that when I’m putting the baby down for the night.

I’m thrilled to see that at 1 to 2 hours, I actually use my cell phone more than most people here. Note: I don’t have a landline phone. The cell phone is it.

The reason I’m thrilled is that everyone I know IRL spends tons more time on their cell phones than I do. I thought I was completely antisocial until I came here.

Sigh. I feel so at home here now.

We got polls? I need to start reading the stickies.

I use mine about 30 minutes or so a week, but that’s generous. When my out-of-state daughter calls, we’ll chat for 15 or 20 minutes, but that’s it. Anything else is quick 1-2 minute calls, and I make just a few of those a week.

My phone is strictly a phone; no texting, no camera, no tweeting, no GPS, no games, no web, no music. It makes and receives phone calls.