What is your relationship to your cell phone?

The thread about people not needing to wear a watch, because they have their cell phones made me wonder. One poster even commented that they can’t be without their phone. I’m sure that is a common sentiment. But considering that the proliferation of cell phones to most of the population has only occurred in the last 10 years, I find it somewhat laughable. I have carried a cell phone for the last 15 years, primarily for work. I enjoy leaving at home on the weekends.

So what is your relationship with your cell phone?

>> Poll coming.

  • Wonderful multipurpose tool, although in my case that mostly means “clock / phone / alarm clock”

  • Great for finding the rest of your group in a multitude - or simply in a big supermarket,

  • As well as for situations where a meal has been planned communally and one of the key ingredients isn’t available at the grocer’s: calling with “no tuna, do you prefer swordfish or salmon?” saves a lot of grief, at least with my family (which contains several control freaks)

  • But if my employers/clients expect me to be reachable through one at any time, not only do they have to pay for it but I will most likely be leaving it in the living room when I go to bed.

  • And I wish agents contacted me primarily by email rather than by phone. Not only would it be more convenient but it would save me having to spell stuff.

It goes with me everywhere, even in the house. It’s my “life alert” – if I fall and break a hip again, the phone will be in my pocket.

It’s also my watch and my camera, but not my calculator or calendar.

I’m somewhere between “I literally cannot go ANYWHERE without it” and “It is a convenience, but I could go without it.”

I really couldn’t go without it, it’s my ONLY phone, but I’ll admit I don’t need to take it everywhere, and although I have an Android smartphone with lots of gizmos and apps, a dumb phone that only made calls and sent plain-jane SMS texts would suit me fine.

So I guess I’ll choose “I literally cannot go ANYWHERE without it,” but with the caveat that it doesn’t need to be the phone I have now, any phone would do.

Oh, and I do need it for work…I travel a lot. Too bad I don’t get any kind of compensation for that. Since I have a work issued pager, they feel that’s all I need…right, cause it’s oh-so-easy to find a landline phone to use if I get paged. I guess next time I’m in a hotel and get paged, I’ll just dial with my room phone. When my company gets all the bills for the long-distance calls, maybe they’ll agree that at least a few dollars a month towards my cell bill might be in order. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’m one of those snotty people who look down on people who use something I don’t use. Public misuse of cell phones drive me up the wall. (talking loud, using a cell phone in a theater, driving a car) I guess since I don’t use one I REALLY notice when other people do. It’s replaced the dull eyed slack jawed gum chewer for me.
Just for a day watch people on cell phones in public. They remind me of Zombies.
Of course I have people laugh at me because I’m on the internet a couple of hours a day but THAT’S different. :slight_smile:

I picked “take it or leave it”. I carry mine with me because my wife expects to be able to reach me and it’s handy but on days when I forget it at home I don’t worry about it. Mine’s a pretty basic phone so I don’t depend on it for calendar functions or using it as a GPS or whatever.

I view them as a necessary evil-I hate people who use them in restaurants.
My wife is always on the phone-she loves it.
I guess we are opposites.

I’ve got to have mine. A lot of my work is done through my phone, whether calling people up, or staying in touch with emails and such. I’ve got an Android phone, and it’s my calculator, camera, calendar, phone, and email all in one, which is nice.

I don’t have a land line, I am looking for work so the phone stays with me 24/7.

Up until early July I thought of it as a minor convenience for sending the occasional text.

Then I got an iPhone (4), and now it is with me at all times. It replaced my iPod, Palm TX PDA, cell phone, and Nintendo DSi. I use it for work to track projects and appointments. I have medical info apps for work like drug look-up and medical abbreviations. I can get my work E-mail on it when away at conferences and on vacation. I play tons of games on it. I get recipes from online or my cookbook apps to plan dinner on the way home (I take the train, no texting-and-driving for me). I’m scanning our DVD and book collections via their barcodes for insurance purposes, and have a manual-entry app for other stuff - all of those apps can e-mail out lists of the stuff when you’re done. I take pictures of stuff I want to research or buy later. I track my calorie intake and exercise via the SparkPeople app. I look at Woot’s deals of the day - there’s a Woot-Off right now! Wikipedia, IMDb, all kinds of information at my fingertips! We used it as a GPS while on vacation, plus found restaurants - and the nearest dealer for our car when the engine light went on - via the Yelp app.

Oh yeah, and get this - apparently I can make phone calls on this thing! I should try that out at some point…

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of ages too. I would bet the majority of people saying they have their phones 24/7 are in their 20’s or 30’s.

I don’t use it very often - most of the monthly “anytime” minutes that I actually use go toward long distance calls to family when I am at home - but for some reason I feel compelled to take it with me just about everywhere I go.

I started riding motorcycles in 1999, but didn’t get a cell phone until 2001. Once I got the phone I started always bringing it with me on rides, and now I find that I’m slightly anxious about riding without it.

I’m similar to Ferret Herder. It was a convenience until I got an Android, now it goes everywhere with me.

Now, I take pictures, email, make notes to myself, play games, text, listen to Pandora, track my food, my weight, my appointments… everything, pretty much. IIf I try a recipe in one of my cookbooks, I snap a photo of the recipe and use that as my grocery list. I use an app to scan bar codes of things I want to compare prices on, I use the GPS function when I drive, I check the weather constantly, I look up reviews when I shop for wine based on what’s available in my zip code, and I can check movie times, find a good restaurant, and see what they serve wherever I am. There are really too many other things to mention. I love it.

I voted “… cannot …” although more properly it would be “… will not…”
Its convenience is amazing. And to those who say it shackles you – there’s silent mode for when you want to find out later if someone looked for you; and there’s that button on it that can, y’know, turn it off.
But it stays on me, even if I’m ignoring it or have it off at the moment.

Guess again… (47) :smiley:

I am the guy who started that watch thread because he really cannot relate to a phone replacing a watch (because my watch gets me the precise time almost immediately, my phone gets me an inaccurate time after a second or three of fumbling about, provided I have a hand free), but on the other hand I am pretty inseparable from my phone, because I had two/now have one frail parent(s) and don’t wasnt to miss a call.

On the other hand, ‘literally … anywhere’ isn’t strictly true for me as:

[li]I have yet to find a phone suitable for swimming with. My watch OTOH has accompanied me swimming in the Baltic and hundreds of laps in the pool.[/li][li]When in the office, I leave the phone on my desk when going to the toilet, as I consider it Not Done to take calls there.[/li][/ul]

I try to have it with me most of the time, but that’s primarily because of work. I work from home and make my own hours, but I need to be available in case of emergencies, so I make a good effort to have it on me all the time.

Ironically, it’s in the house that I most often miss calls - I’ll leave it on my desk to run to the kitchen, then get caught up doing something (let dogs out/talk to Mr. Athena/make a sandwich/etc) and come back upstairs to find I missed a call.

I also rely on it for emails and such. Like Ferret Herder, I use it more for the non-phone part of it than anything else.

Don’t use it much (except as a watch) but carry it just about everywhere (except into water).

I guess I got 100% into the habit of ALWAYS having it when I was a freelance journalist & needed to make sure I’d be available for call-backs.

I have one in the car that is pay as you go. I keep it in case of emergencies. I use it from time to time because you have to put X amount on every 3 months and I might as well use the money I put on it.

Your answers are biased. Your first option is the one I would pick, but the way it is written, it sounds silly and overly dramatic. I would have known that you don’t take yours with you all the time just by reading the poll. Not a big issue, really, except that how you word answers will affect your poll.

Both my father and my wife have issues that make it wise for me to always have my cell phone at hand. Thus I choose to always carry it, and if I realize I have left home without it I will turn around to go get it even if doing so guarantees I’ll be late.

But I don’t USE it much. If my wife or a particular sister calls, I’ll always pick up no matter what I’m doing; the former for obvious reasons, the latter because she’s only going to call if something’s happened to Dad. I’ll generally pick up for my baby sister, little sister, or my son’s sister. Calls from work get an immediate pickukp until 9 p.m. on weekdays. Most everything else goes to voice mail.