Do you carry your cell phone everywhere?

I and many other dopers grew up without cell phones, and I think we don’t necessarily feel the need to be reachable 24/7.

Do you carry your cell phone everywhere with you? Or do you just grab it when you need to make a call? Or something else?

It’s mostly everywhere with me, because it fits nicely in a pocket in my purse, but most of the time it’s off until I need it. I certainly don’t need to be reachable 24/7, but I do want to be able to reach out when I need to.

Yes I’ve always got mine with me. I text a lot, and want to be able to get hold of my peeps whenever I want and vice-versa.
The poll should have an “every waking moment,” don’tcha think? I mean I don’t wear mine to bed, but it’s with me all day otherwise.

I don’t think I’ve turned mine on in over a month. I only have it with me when I need to make a call, or when I’m expecting one. That’s maybe 4 times a year.

Only when I need to use it or if I am driving somewhere in case I break down.

Almost always. Sometimes I’ll forget it but that’s growing increasingly less common. Mostly because I use it as a watch than because I need to make so many calls.

I always leave it in my truck. The battery is always dead. When I need to make a call with it I have to charge it first.

Other. I grab the phone when I’m going out, but I just as often leave it at home. It depends.

My issue is I’ve cut out the long distance at home and use the cell exclusively for long distance. (I am trying to persuade him to get rid of the landline entirely, but I haven’t won that battle yet and it isn’t important enough for me to do more than suggest it once in a while.) But if I ever need to make a call out of the local area, I need to use it.

Plus it’s great for takeout.

I carry it always, because it’s for emergencies, and you never know when there’s going to be an emergency. But I only turn it on about once a month, usually because I’m meeting someone and I told them I’d have my cell phone on.

I voted ‘Other.’ I always try to take it with me when I leave the house, but I tend to lose track of it when I’m at home.

I chose other because I do carry my cell phone with me whenever I’m away from home; however, if I’m at home or asleep, it’s off or away from me.

I usually take it with me if I’m leaving the property for any length of time. Well, I usually take it with me if I’m running errands or whatever, but often forget it if I’m just nipping up to the corner store or am going to work. Especially at work–everyone important has my work number for anything truly emergent, and they know damn well not to call me at work if it’s not truly emergent. And, of course, anyone not important to me can bloody well wait till I get home.

When I’m at home, it usually in another room and often on another floor. Or it’s indoors and I’m outdoors.

I take my cell phone with me on vacation and carry it when I’m on call. Otherwise it’s turned off and laying around the apartment somewhere.

Always with me. I don’t wear a watch, nor do I have a landline at home. It’s also set up so that it just vibrates once when it rings.

It goes with me always. It’s notepad, camera, web browser, eight different calculators including specialized work-related ones, Pantone colour matcher, three dictionaries, Japanese tutorials, email, music player for those long bus rides, GPS locator and maps, compass, book reader, calendar, contact manager, texting app, video games, movie player, netradio player, currency converter, remote for controlling my laptop to make presentations… and, oh yeah, I can make calls on it.

Edit: …also watch, alarm clock, weather forecast client, music identifier, barcode reader, VNC client, restaurant finder…

Mine is “around” when I’m at home, otherwise it generally stays in my car.

Always. At least when I go out. Though I rarely use it as a phone. Maybe two calls a month.

The way I see it, if you don’t have it, you’re going to need it.

I mostly use my phone as a PDA. Pretty much what SunSpace said. The least function I get out of it is a phone, and I have never texted anyone (though I do check my email on my phone)

I keep it with me when I go out, but I don’t feel obligated to answer or even look at it every time it makes a noise. It’s with me so I can reach other people if I need to (emergencies, directions, etc).

If I’m home, it’s on a shelf in the living room or near my laptop in my office. If I’m out, it’s always in my pocket. When it’s prayer time and I’m in my shule (synagogue) I turn it off until I’m finished. (That also goes for wedding ceremonies and funerals.)