Cell phone geeks

Walking around with one’s hands-free headset does not make one cool. Rather the opposite. (Insert scathing insults here).

Yeah, but what about those of us with a palm pilot built into the phone? I mean, I get to walk around with a hands-free earbud and a palm stylus, so that I can walk, talk, chew gum and check my calendar. Now am I cool? :slight_smile:

I made a decision years ago never to carry my cell phone on me except in the car. I’m the only person in the office who doesn’t carry one, and yet I am every bit as accessible as anyone else. Unless you’re a doctor, there just is absolutely no reason in the world you need to have a phone on you at all times.

Actually RickJay, I think I’ll have to disagree with you. I’m a computer consultant, and I have customers that rely on me. I always have my phone with me. I don’t generally carry my hands-free around with me, with one notable exception. I will carry it in a grocery store, as invariably, somebody will end up calling while I’m shopping, and it really sucks to try to steer a shopping cart with one hand. But it hadn’t occurred to me that someone would wear their hands-free in order to look ‘cool’. In that respect, I agree with the OP. They’re pretty silly-looking. But useful, and at times, necessary.

And in the real world few people do. Sounds to me like the OP is simply a jealous whinge.

People walking around talking on hands-free cell phones look for all the world like nutcases having long involved discussions with themselves. Cool? Maybe not, but entertaining? You bet.

Amen to that! I was once at a conference, and walked into the restroom to find a woman just inside the doorway, staring at me intensely and saying something like, “Is it at all possible that someone else could take care of this???”

Stiletto speaks for me as well. I’m a database administrator for a school district and I have to take care of 14 separate sites. Although no problem is life-threatening per se, the powers that be insisted that I carry a cell phone around. It’s more of a panic phone than a cell phone, but it makes my job easier.

andros- I think we’re both making assumptions. I assumed that this guy in my office is walking around with his headset on in order to feel ‘cool’. The silly little grin he had seemed to support my hypothesis. You assumed that since I bitched about it, I was jealous. I’m not sure how correct my assumption is, but I know that yours is false, wrong, ill-founded, and even the very essence of untruthitude. So, since this is the pit, fuck off.

SkipMagic- Any coolness you posses is independent of how many gadgets you happen to be playing with. Of course, most of it is lost when you bump into me because you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings.

Strike a nerve there, Sparky?

At least you admitted making an assumption. That’s a good first step. Keep up the good work!

I’ll have to disagree as well. That really was quite a blanket statment.

If I’m out and about during the day, I keep mine with me and turned on in case something happens to my little girl and the school needs to get in touch with me.

Actually, whenever I’m away from any of my kids, the phone is on, just in case.


I’m a consultant (the non-medical type). I spend most of my days at clients. I’m usually either on trains, in airports, on foot or in offices where I can’t just use the client’s phone as and when I’d like to. If I have to arrange meetings, book flights and trains, confirm details with techie colleagues or whatever, I need to be contactable.

I’m all for being polite and considerate with mobile phone use – there is very little more irritating than being forced to listen to someone else’s conversation – but the fact is that it’s not just doctors who need a phone.

Wow, you pegged the bogometer!

You, too may be an asshole, andros.

No shit. Did you work that out all by yourself, Mr. Hawking? :rolleyes:

andros- Funny, I was going to say the same thing about your first post, but thought that might just make it worse. Since you seem to be sarcasm impaired, I’ll spell it out for you- that last bit about the very essence of untruthitude, etc., was tounge-in-cheek. The fuck off was the semi-required cuss. So, Sparky, feel free to condescend someone else.

And, on preview, who shit in your milkshake?

I carry my cell phone damn near all the time. For what it’s worth, I’m not a doctor - I’m an attorney and I work in Nuclear Safety. In fact, most of our techs are required to wear both a pager and a phone which makes them very easy to reach if there is some sort of accident. Of course, we could just call all the (medical) doctors and have them clean up the radioactive spills but that seems sort of…fucking stupid.

People, other than physicians, may be in need of immediate contact. (Ooooh, like the guy who had to unlock my car and thank God he had a cell phone because he was just a block away and could come right over instead of going back across town to hear about me.) And even if someone isn’t required to be on notice 24-7, fuck it - get a cell phone and enjoy a chat.


Let’s see . . . I’m supposed to read your mind, is that right?

I mean, it’s all good that you were being sarcastic and all, but it’s generally assumed that one might give at least some minor clues when one is about to be otngue-in-cheek. Hints. A little “heads up, sarcasm here.” You didn’t, so I missed it.

And I’m not one who believes that “fuck you” is expected in the Pit or elsewhere, so I missed that one as well. See, I saw “fuck you” and assumed (there’s that word again) it meant, well, “fuck you.”

So, then, since I had no reason to think your response was anything beyond its appearance, I think a little condescension was not out of order.

And, taking things all the way back to the OP, you gave no details beyond “cell phone geeks” who use hands-free units are whatever the opposite of cool is and deserving of scathing insults. Again, mind reading is not most people’s strength. Such a sweeping indictment in the face of reason and evidence makes me wonder if you aren’t in fact in pursuit of some sour grapes. You say this isn’t the case, and I certainly accept that–but if it isn’t jealousy that brings it on, please feel free to share the real reasons for your OP.

And it was Ann Coulter, the bitch. Sure, her shit smells sweet and all . . . but a shit milkshake is still a shit milkshake.

Sorry my sarcasm wasn’t so clear. I try not to lay it on to thick, for aesthetic reasons (ala Homer- ‘Ooh, look at me, I’m making people happy. In a gumdrop house on lollipop lane. … In case you didn’t know, I was being sarcastic.’). Too thin seems to have problems, too. The fuck off was gratutious, and added as a second thought (this is the Pit, I should swear at those who disagree). So, now that we’ve got that cleared up, no hard feelings.

RE the OP: instead of relating several anecdotes about my only encounters with people wearing hands-free headsets in non-driving environments, I took the shortcut. To me, these people seemed to communicate the idea that they were cool or superior due to their gadget. I feel that such is not the case.

And that Ann Coulter must travel alot. My kid neighbors dog was ran over by her just last week.

Fair enough, and I agree. Two caveats, however. Firstly, it’s quite possible that the people you’re seeing are not trying to exude cool (though I freely admit that many are). Secondly, while they’re not cool by virtue of their hands-free phones, they are also not necessarily uncool.

Why does someone NEED to be contacted in order to carry a cell phone? I carry mine (really, what is the point of a cell phone if you don’t take it with you?) because I want to be able to call my husband at the drop of a hat for no reason at all, as well as when I really need to talk to him. Say I’m at the store, I might call him to ask if there is anything else he needs. Great. But what if I’m just lonely or bored and want to call him and say hi? We both carry cell phones and use them frequently. No, we don’t NEEEEEED them, but we like them. I really don’t understand why people get so annoyed, frankly.

As for the hands free things–they are convenient. For a long conversation, it can be nicer to not have to hold something to the side of your head the whole time. I doubt many people do it to be cool.