Are you a white, liberal, atheist man?

I know that most Dopers are male, most are white, most are liberal, and most are atheist. What I’m curious to see is if there is so much overlap that even people who fit all four categories would still be in the majority.

  • Are you a white liberal atheist man?
  • Yes
  • No

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White, liberal, Methodist, not-entirely-cis male.

White, “liberal” in this country, ghodless heathen, Malish.

I’m more anti-conservative than “liberal”, but for the sake of the poll I’ll accept the label.

Not white.
Not liberal.
Not atheist.

Yes to all four. Caveat: I am closer to middle of the road but definitely left of center and very liberal on a lot of issues.

Mods/admins, did I make an error in my poll? I thought “are you a white lilberal atheist man” was supposed to be the poll title but apparently it came as a poll option?

Yes to all. (But I voted for the thread title.)

Yes, but I’m sometimes a “contrarian” liberal.

The right-wing party in Australia is called The Liberal Party, or LNP. The left-wing party is called the Labor Party, or ALP.

I am somewhat white. And also somewhat not.
I am left-wing.
I am atheist.
I am a man.

I voted no.
I am male and white.
I consider myself centrist. How I feel about an issue is defined by the issue not some overall strict ideology. I reject hardliners of any stripe.
I consider myself to be non-religious not atheist. I don’t think about religion at all unless it’s a discussion here.

I’m a white atheist man.

Like others in this thread, I’m a little more flexible on my political ideology. I consider myself a moderate but I am sure there are those who would call me a liberal.

White, liberal/progressive, atheist/anti-theist man. Also an ordained clergyman in not fewer than four non-theistic religions (there’s some quibbling as to whether X is a sect of Y, or a free-standing religion all its own, yaddayaddawhatever) and a card-carrying member of two or three more (again, depending upon one’s definitions). One nice thing about most non-theistic religions is that they don’t ask for exclusive devotion, and there’s also a whole lot of overlap in their respective tenets.

I’ll interpret “liberal” as “generally prefer Democrat over Republican in U.S. politics”. The other three are clear yes.

In UK and European terms, I’m a pale, stale (73!) and male social democrat with (UK) liberal green tendencies, and the kind of CofE-raised atheist who remembers chunks of the King James bible and the BCP, and cannot watch Songs of Praise because I’ll end up shouting “Wrong tune!” at the TV.

I suppose in many parts of the US I’d count as a communistic limb of Satan, but heyho.

It’s interesting that some people are choosing that option. :laughing:

Do you want Mother’s Maiden Names also?

Discourse won’t let me edit the poll options at this point. I think you’ll still basically get the data you were looking for.

Definitely white and male, liberal but not dogmatically so (and not registered with a political party), agnostic. So: yes-ish.

I’m white.
To the left of liberal, not a man, and not an atheist.