Are you a white, liberal, atheist man?

Whoa, that’s a huge assumption there, and you’ve just skewed the results (let’s assume not intentionally…).Are you really going to count every neutral response as a “YES”?

I’m not a WLAM, and I clicked “Are you…” because I felt it was a simplistic black-or-white* poll.

*rimshot, please…


I would not go by this poll to make that determination. I agree that it sounds like a thread for white, liberal, atheist men. If I were a brown, libertarian, Sikh woman, I’d roll my eyes and not even open this thread to see that it’s a poll.

White - yes
Liberal - no. Left even by UK standards, commie by US standards
Atheist - yes
Male - no.

It’s complicated.

I’m a liberal man.
I’m deist rather than atheist, but functionally that works out to the same thing.
I’m Latino, but could pass for Southern European. A DNA analysis revealed my ancestry to be about 2/3 European and 1/3 Native American.

Make of that what you will in terms of whether or not I fight the criteria set out in the OP.

Not white.

I’m not a WLAM and I clicked on it straight away. Maybe I’m just contrary.

I’m a man, but I’m not:
White (I’m Coloured),
liberal (I’m far-left), or
atheist (I’m theological non-cognitivist).

I would argue that, if you argue a concept is meaningless, you are by implication arguing that it does not exist. Hence I would put you under the “atheist” umbrella, even if that is not the most precise term.

Not this shit again. I’m telling you that I don’t accept the label or designation of atheist. Who are you to tell me what I am?

And this:

is not true.

Does that matter? (well, for the sake of you voting in the poll, I guess it does) Theological non-cognitivism is by definition a subset of atheism. Maybe you think the label isn’t specific enough or you just don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean your position isn’t atheist.

Non-cognitivism makes no judgement on whether or not god exists, but simply that it makes no difference in our daily lives.
Many will say that if you don’t actively believe in god, you must then be an atheist. But that is not true for non-cognitivism. NC’s do not believe that god doesn’t exist. They are not atheists. Whether or not god exists is irrelevant.

Of course it does.

No, it isn’t. It is a subset of irreligion or non-theism, but it is not a kind of atheism, neither soft nor hard.

Atheists need to get over their ridiculous notion that atheism is the ground state of the universe. Atheism and non-theism are not the same thing to me, and I do not agree with being labeled with atheism. For one thing, it violates my right to freedom of religion.

Once more, with feeling - who are you to tell me what my own beliefs are?

Nobody’s trying to tell you what your own beliefs are. They’re trying to tell you, rightly or wrongly, that a commonly used label applies to those beliefs as you describe them.

Yes, they are.

That commonly-used label describes a set of beliefs which I do not hold.

You’ve been here long enough to know that people love to argue over what that commonly-used label actually describes.

I prefer to cal myself a “shrugnostic”, i.e. someone for whom the question of god’s existence is irrelevant and of no interest. That is, after decades of debating the issue as an atheist, the debate is over for me.

For all practical matters, I’m an atheist.

Your mistake here is thinking that these words are to be used as a way to convey particular meanings, rather than as a fashion accessory.

Don’t know what that’s got to do with anything, since the issue is how I describe myself.

As we’re off on this tangent, I described myself as “agnostic” above, but a more accurate description of my position is:

I believe that there is an infinitessimal but non-zero probability of some sort of deity, deities or other sentient supernatural forces existing, but as this existence cannot be demonstrated through conventional means and as this existence is not required to explain the various workings of the universe it seems sensible to assume the non-existence of such force or forces for all practical purposes without requiring a position of absolute non-existence.

“Agnostic” is a lot simpler to say, really.

This is my position. I’ve not got absolute proof there’s no God, so it’s got to be this.