Are you a white, liberal, atheist man?

Anyway, this is all a bit of a hijack, so I think we should let it lie for now.

Yes, and sometimes it’s painful.

White? Yes, enough that my Greek Cypriot wife mocks my legs when I take off my pants.

Liberal? Very, even though I’m in a southeastern state with an extremely conservative extended family.

Atheist? Definitely, but courteous around others who actually have a bit of religious faith.

Male? Last time I checked.

White, liberal, atheist female here.

If that’s all she mocks when you take off your pants, you’re good.

I’m white.

I’m liberal in the sense that I support equality and personal freedom for all. Im not especially left-wing though - I generally vote Liberal Democrat, which here in the UK is pretty much middle of the road. *

I’m atheist but not militantly so; I’m not anti-theist, and I don’t consider my lack of religious belief to be any sort of identity.

I’m cis male.

*By US Overton window standards, of course, I’m very left-wing.

I’m grateful that she doesn’t.

Hilariously, I clicked on the title “Are you a…” which had a voting button next to it, rather than “yes” or “no.” And 13% of the results did this too.

Were there supposed to be three choices?

That has been exhaustively explained previously in the thread.


Center or Right of Center
Christian (Catholic)

Assuming that most of the people who clicked on my blunder “Are you a…” voting button meant to say “Yes,” then indeed, the slight majority (51% or so) of people who’ve voted thus far are a white, liberal, atheist man.

White, male, atheist, registered Republican, fiscally conservative, socially a bit less.

I’m mostly white. But a libertarian theist woman, so I of course voted no.

Female, agnostic-theist, white, progressive liberal

It’s quite impressive that there are more white, liberal, atheist men than all the rest of us put together. This is one lopsided board.

White (with respect to Alessan, at least in the US your race is defined by what other people assume you are based on your appearance. I would prefer to identify as Jewish, but I haz teh white privilege anyway).

Jewish, and religious, although in a way that many Orthodox would consider indistinguishable from atheism.

I prefer “democratic socialist”, but definitely left of center, if that’s what you’re getting at.


I suspect the thread title will attract white liberal atheist men to the thread to vote while not attracting those that don’t fit into those categories. It’s a lopsided thread.

But the board is still probably slightly skewed in that direction compared to the general population - just not remotely to the extent the poll indicates.

More than slightly. And if he’d included age we’d see yet another way in which it is heavily skewed.

Apologies if this has already been discussed, but the thread title would, I think, not draw the interest of a lot of posters who aren’t those four things. It could easily be taken to mean “here is a thread that would only be of interest if you are a white, liberal, atheist man.” Therefore, I don’t think the proportions shown by the poll will be especially reliable (even by internet poll standards).

Since this new software doesn’t label a thread as a poll thread, OPs should probably start doing so.