Are you a white, liberal, atheist man?

White   :heavy_check_mark:
Male   :heavy_check_mark:
Liberal (right-leaning)   :heavy_check_mark:
Pantheist (agnostic-leaning)   :x:

We don’t actually know if the percent of SDMB members (or even, of active SDMB members) is even as high as 20%, or whatever. What we do know is that we have a fair number of atheists who are vocal, thoughtful, and who regularly engage in threads here related to religion (or atheism). And, that fact may make it seem like this board is largely atheistic, because conversations around religion here attract so many posts which dismiss religion.

But, that said, as has been discussed many times on the board in recent years (and as the OP mentions), there are not a large number of people who are active on this board anymore who identify as politically conservative (by U.S. standards), and there is a correlation in the U.S. (though it is not anywhere close to 100%) between being politically conservative and believing in God.

Fine. Yes. Ignorance fought. I’m still going to be impressed, even if you have given me good reasons not to be.

Yes I imagine if you were a white male conservative theist, you’d probably steer clear of this thread. As well as the many Bipoc liberal atheist threads of a political nature.

So I don’t think this poll is particular conclusive of all Dopers. Some people just discuss lemon tart recipes.

My apologies if I was being pedantic; I’m a market researcher by trade, and understanding what data is (or is not) telling us is one of the things that I post too much about. :smiley:

Not at all. Your points were very well made.

Regardless of the actual percentage, atheists are clearly better represented here (or at least far more vocal) than the vast majority of other things I participate it. I was merely curious if there was something in the board’s history that made it that way.

Emphasis mine. I’d say you got it there, and it’s the board’s anonymity rather than history that largely encourages this, although history does contribute.

Could be, but most of the internet is anonymous. Anyway, I’ve hijacked this enough. Apologies to the OP.

White, liberal (would have been “moderate” 50 years ago, but damn you Overton!), male. But I’m in the “higher power, undefined” camp.

Non-White, moderate liberal, atheist man. So basically the same as Mijin.

White, male, Christian, liberal on many things, conservative on many things, maybe even somewhat anarchist on some.

I voted the title cuz I could.



I prefer “radical malcontent” instead of liberal, but when it comes to politics I’ve learned to just accept the closest option.

I’ve somehow managed to straddle the chasm between Objectivist/libertarian and liberal/leftist.

Yeah - I tick all of those boxes.

That’s a mighty wide stance you’ve got there! :smiley:

Centrist but more “anti conservative” than a “lefty”. Much depends on the issue.
Christian but not a regular church goer.

Especially since a whole lot of Alessan’s fellow Israeli Jews, both Ethiopian and otherwise, would tell him he’s wrong about white Israeli Jews and Ethiopian Israeli Jews not being separate races. (Some white Israeli Jews actually consider Ethiopian Israeli Jews non-Jewish, but even many of the ones who don’t go that far don’t consider them the same race.)

Alessan has every right to believe personally that shared Jewish identity should override differences in other racial categories, but I think he’s overstating it when he claims to state that belief on behalf of “Israeli Jews” in general.

I think it’s interesting how you cut the last sentance out of your quote:

This article explores aspects of racial discourse employed in discussing Ethiopian Jews in Israel. It assumes that racial classifications are social constructions which themselves must be analysed and explained. Although Ethiopian immigrants did not consider themselves to be ‘black’ in Ethiopia, they are usually described as such in Israel. This serves not only to associate them with other ‘black’ groups in the African diaspora, but also to emphasise that other Israelis are ‘white’. This ‘whiteness’ of veteran Israelis, like the ‘blackness’ of Ethiopians is not a mere description of pigmentation, but rather a designation which carries with it numerous social and political associations. In contrast to Ethiopian Jews and other Jewish Israelis, other groups—most notably Israeli Arabs—do not figure as part of the colour spectrum and are thus rendered invisible in discussions, which ignore their existence.

Emphasis mine.

Now obviously, that’s a whole 'nother problem, and a serious one. But as for the issue at hand, your own link seems to show the exact opposite of what you’re claiming - namely, it implies that Israeli Jews consider Jews to be one group, albeit a varied one, and non-Jews, another.

That’s not to say that their isn’t colorism and inter-communal bigotry between Jews. There certainly is, especially, as you showed in your other link, among Ashkenazi Ultra-Orthodox Jews (they hardly limit their discriminations to Ethiopian Jews, though, with Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews being their usual target). That said, it’s still considered an “internal” matter, with Jews discriminating against other Jews. Non-Jews are a completely different issue.