Are you an e-bore?

Lord know why my wife even puts up with me.

60 % e-bore.

And you?

Bah. Only 54% e-bore, I’m starting to slip.

Now I know why my friends eyes glaze over when I start with my computer stories.

60% here too.:smiley:

15% here. I don’t own a PDA <GASP!> or a Notebook <DOUBLE GASP!>.

Am I gonna get my PC taken away?

Looks like about 64% or 65% - heck I am not even especially techy, and have only a low grade computer. hmmm

Note- "should still receive invitations. NOT “We are sure that you do”

oh woe


oh dear

56%. But I’m really more boring than that. :stuck_out_tongue:


50% for me.


30% :slight_smile:


40% here


Watch what I’m wearing? If I start wearing pocket protectors I should worry? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:



I suck.


I demand a recount. Waitaminit…come to think of it, Granny does have email…

Oh dear. 85%.

20% [sub]what’s a PDA[/sub] :::sigh:::

45% here…

and I am a programmer for a company with “dot-com” in the name.

Wow. I expected to be MUCH higher.

15% - and my husband is always giving me crap about the amount of time I spend on line… sheesh!!