Are you an inny or an outy

Okay, I was thinking about this the other day. I remember a time when people whould ask is you had and inny bell button or an outy. I was thinking about it and I don’t think that I have ever seen and outy on anyone over…oh…twelve. So my question is, do you have an inny or an outy?

Innie. Way innie these days. When I was pregnant, though, I was a flattie for a while.
Hoo, boy. I need to go home.

Innie. The fatter I get, the innier it gets. In a research study during high school it was found that not a single Playboy centerfold had an outie navel.



I’m a definite innie, so in that I got to do lint digs some times, but my mom is an outie, which may be a result of pregnancies, I’m not sure. But she is an outie.

Outie, and I can’t blame it on pregnancy.

I have an innie.
Outie people are fucking wierd!
I don’t know what it is.
I bet MrCynical is an outie.

It’s true lint gets trapped by the hairs, and you have to clean your belly-button. If you do it in public, you can get a lot of weird looks.

Am not.

I’m also an innie. Nothing new to see here, move along, move along…

This is a question I ask people all the time. They look at me strangely.



I’m an innie. My boyfriend is a flatter innie and he derives great joy from sticking his finger in my bellybutton and flicking it out with a little “pop” sound.

I’m an innie as well. I also have very little skin in the region and it is very sensitive to the touch. When I was a pre-schooler, I was trained to rub my bb with this bluish crystal if I remember correctly in order to thicken the skin but it never worked. There was a concern of transfer of infection through this spot although after 50 years that has not been a problem.

Another innie checking in…

//hijack alert//With a slight hijack question…why does belly button lint always match the color of the socks you were wearing??Or is that just me??//end of hijack//

Outie… oh, belly buttons. Ummm, never mind.

I’m an inny. My belly button is kinda cute. I have a friend whose belly button goes in on the outside and then out in the middle…it’s odd.

I thought I remembered from my childhood the words were “insie” and “outsie” but I could have remembered wrong. I haven’t seen a single outsie since I was a kid.

But on my web page I put a story I wrote that includes a character whose “navel was an ‘outsie’ about eight inches long, curled at the end and terminating in a polished fingernail.” It is prehensile and has the ability to extend out to much greater lengths. It might have been inspired on some level by the writings of Carlos Castaneda.

I’m not sure that “odd” is sufficent a word to describe that belly button…

Apologies to those affected, but I think that outies may be the most disgusting things in the known universe.

I am, of course, an innie.