Are you armed and what do you carry?

Not “do you have arms,” smartass :), but do you usually carry some kind of weapon or self-defense device, be it a firearm, a knife, pepper spray, etc.? “Usually” as in “I have it with me by default,” i.e. you don’t have to specially add it to the things you leave the house with. Assume you’re going to work or out to dinner or some other normal everyday activity, not going out hunting or race baiting or whatever your hobby may be.

Check all that apply.

I live in Illinois so cannot carry a firearm. When I travel I carry pepper spray, but not day to day.

Something else. For years I’ve carried an old-fashioned billyclub under the seat of my truck. I can only recall having pulled it out once, after being nipped by an unrestrained farm dog. Didn’t get to use it…the dog had made it’s point and retreated out of range.

I have a knife at all times, but it’s for utility, not primarily for defense.


I’m a knife guy myself. I have at least two on me at all times, but they’re small (one on a Gerber Clutch and a small pocket knife) and probably not really all that useful in an actual self-defense situation, but I’ll cut a motherfucker if I really need to.

You forgot: That would be telling!

Large pistol
Small pistol
Pocket knife, left and right
Asp-very dangerous
Leatherman Squirt
Surefire Backup, batteries

My cane. Hickory.

Pepper spray on the handcycle.

My attitude is, a weapon will only serve to escalate the violence. Although I do not feel particularly at-risk. When my wife goes jogging I encourage her to take her pepper spray.

I don’t and have never carried anything for self-defense, nor have I ever given any thought to doing so. In my almost 50 years I have never found myself in any situation where it would have been needed. There have been a few run ins with obviously less than sane people, I’ve just stepped to the side and kept going, ignoring them. I have no idea what I would do if I was attacked. I don’t really think about it.

9 mm, S&W M&P compact.

Unless I am not allowed to carry in a certain establishment, I am ***always ***armed when I’m out-n-about.

I carry a handgun because it will help stop violence perpetrated upon me by a BG.


Barry? Or Robin?

“A gentleman always carries a penknife.” I carry a very small Kershaw folding knife just because it comes in so handy on a daily basis. It’s one-hand opening, and I suppose it could be used as a weapon in a pinch, but I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it.

I’d say no. I usually have a couple of pocket knives on me, but they’re for utility. Despite any heroic fantasies I might have about leaping to the rescue armed with a 2 1/2 inch blade, the reality is that every crime I’ve witnessed has happened and been over before I could so much as blink. And in a person-to-person altercation, I think drawing a knife would just be throwing fuel on the fire, so it would be a last ditch option – way behind turning and fleeing.

Baby Gangsta?
Boy George?

Turn, flee and hide.

Why, yes, I am Canadian, why do you ask?

I don’t carry at work as that would be in violation of about a million laws.

Outside of work I typically carry a handgun. Usually a S&W .38 snubbie or a compact CZ .40. I also carry a folding knife, but that is for utility not self-defense.

I’m all in favor of de-escalating violence and a handgun has given me the opportunity to do that a couple times without even firing a shot.

I’ve eliminated Button Gwinnett for obvious reasons, so…BG = Bad Guy. :smiley:
Don’t worry, Canada. We’ve got your back bacon