Are you armed and what do you carry?

There are times when the violence demands escalation. Or stoppage.

I keep one of those giant-ass 2 foot long Maglights in my car, and I carry a Leatherman utility knife-spork-conveyorbelt-sonic screwdriver thingy with me.

I doubt I could prevent or foil any crimes with either, but I also figure no one wants to be bashed in the head with a huge flashlight or have a spork shoved into their eyeball, so that’s always a possibility.

Attitude-wise, I’m in the run and hide camp, but I suppose they could technically be useful as weapons.


I carry a knife because they’re pretty and because somewhere along the line I became incapable of opening packages without one.

My size, curves, and choice of clothing make concealed carry difficult so I’m not packing heat most of the time.

I find when I do carry a firearm that I am way more alert, polite, and non-confrontational. Having lethal force readily available makes me extremely aware of and averse to any potential conflict.

Nothing, but apparently I should be.

I carry a 357 Magnum S & W in my car; if my car should break down, I don’t want to be all alone while waiting for AAA to show up. I used to carry it concealed but that was job related.

Don’t be too hasty. I ended up gunning him down.

30,000 gun deaths, god knows how many people crippled, but people say they feel safer with guns? Crazy society!

Something else, because according to this poll pacifism seems to be the same thing as cowardice.

I carry mace

Just a pocket knife, but that’s only for utility.

I have considered getting a revolver and a concealed carry permit but I don’t feel a need to have it where I am (the middle of nowhere) and, from what I understand (I could be wrong), most cities don’t allow concealed carry even with a permit. Since I would only feel a need to have it in the latter situation getting one seems pointless.

The only “weapon” other than my hands and knowledge that I carry is a small pinknife. It doesn’t scare anybody unless I take it to an airport where it becomes a deadly weapon of terror.

I chose the penultimate option with the caveat that I consider my brain not my hands to be my weapon of choice.

That’s right, people, telekinesis. Mind bullets. I can kill a yak from 200 yards away.

I have sufficient faith in my fellow citizens and in my local security forces, and feel no need to carry a weapon of any sort. Besides, I’m a big guy, and people don’t pick on me.


I have a license to carry a concealed firearm and sometimes, when circumstances dictate, I carry either a Beretta 92 in 9mm or a Ruger LCP .380.

I always have a pocket knife in my right front pocket, but that is mostly a tool rather than a weapon.

Nonsense. I’d run away to fight another day, or wait in ambush with an appropriately vicious weapon after my revenge is fully planned. It’s more cunning than cowardice :wink:

We also didn’t mention big dogs. In Latin America, my wonderful teddy bear of a pitbull/Rottie cross was a great deterrent for all but the truly stupid, and with those he was even more direct:

Sleazy guy on beach: Hi there, you look alone and bored.
Me: Actually, I have this excellent dog who is very protective, and a very good book.
Sleazy: So, where are you from? My name’s ___, can I pet your dog? [sidles closer]
Me: I wouldn’t recommend it, he bites and doesn’t like men.
Sleazy: No, I love dogs, I’m very good with them. So what are you doing tonight?
Bobby the dog: grrrrrr
Sleazy: [Leaves without another word]

It doesn’t stop the violence, it just changes the direction. Pacifism is the only way to stop violence.

In a practical sense, how does pacifism stop violence?

If someone is thrashing you and you do nothing…
- your attacker gets bored/tired/arrested
- you pass out/die

Or are you assuming your passivity will avert the thrashing altogether?