Are you buying duct tape and plastic?

My neighbors are since we are at orange alert nationally. Along with radios batteries and canned food and water.
I live in rural oklahoma so I hope the only thing I have to worry about is a bird shitting on my head but you never know. So what should I do teemings? To duct or not to duct that is the question.

By the way this ain’t the pit but fuck Bin Ladin and Hussein and the goats they rode in on.

I’m not buying either. What are the reasons others may be doing so?

ummm lemmie see. Dirty bombs (plutonium wrapped in dynamite), biological weapons like small pox various chemical gasses oh and let’s not forget that old favorite the atomic warhead deliverable by medium to long range missiles.

I can’t think of a past terrorist attack that would have been successfully repelled with duct tape or plastic.

aha what use is the duct tape and plastic sheeting against these threats? (a site would be useful if you have one)

Can’t see it helping against anything but Dirty Bombs, and I would have thought leaving the areas effected would be more useful in the cas of Dirty bombs.

I guess you saw the same newscast I saw, *Aha, us being in the same state. I personally wonder if Home Depot received a kickback from that gratuitous mention on that same newscast.

I don’t think we are going to bother. The aforementioned crapping birds as well as tornadoes are more of a threat, it would seem.

Requested cite:

Well if you sealed off your house, wouldn’t that prevent at least some chemical or biological toxins from getting in?

Aside from that, my house isn’t doing any of that, and we live in Terror Central (Washington DC). The house is so old that sealing up all the holes in it would require more duct tape than the U.S. produces in one year.

aha, it’s a common misconception that dirty bombs will have a large number of casualties. In fact, the danger is from long-term exposure to an infected area, which means the area either has to be abandoned or cleaned (expensive). The only likely casualties will caused by people fleeing in a panic.

My mom bought the plastic sheet and duct tape to protect against smallpox. Apparently CNBC said there was a high probability of a smallpox attack in the next few days and that if it happened, the best thing to do would be to lock yourself in a single room in your house, with plastic over all the openings. Personally, I think I’d just try to get vaccinated and hope for the best, rather than walling myself in my bathroom.

So it seems no use at all, or do they expect to be able to create air tight seals and survive without Oxygen. Now a propperly constructed nuclear shelter may help, especially if leaving an effected area is not allowed due to risk of spreading infection.
Is there any solid scientific evidence that these materials can be usefuly employed against the stated threats? Or is this another case of “duck and cover” to make people feel that they are doing something useful even if they are not.

I say the government is in cahoots with 3M.

It’s all a rich tapestry.

Bippy…I’m gonna have to go with the "duck and cover " school of thought. I refuse to be swept up in this paranoia. Life goes on as always at Castle Witchie.

If you seriously want to be prepared for a vaguely possible attack of unknown type, I’d suggest rather than plastic and duct tape, which seem just dumb to me - if your house is hermetically sealed, you’ll run out of oxygen, if it isn’t, the contaminants will be getting in in direct proportion to the amount of replacement oxygen - make sure you have a stock of food supplies that can be stored/eaten in absence of gas/electricity that will last at least a week - probably mostly canned stuff - drinking water (just fill up some empy pop bottles or milk jugs with water and set them in the corner of the basement), etc. Basic stuff you’ll need if things are chaotic for a bit and delivery of utilities and services are suspended. Of course, it isn’t a bad idea to be prepared in this way all the time anyways.

I think the contention is that most threats would blow over in a few hours.

Gee, maybe they sould have given Tom Ridge’s job to Red Green .
Darn, no bearded Canadian smiley…

The store I went to was all out of duct tape and plastic sheeting, but they assured me scotch tape and saran wrap would work just as well, of which I have no doubt. :wink: :smiley: :wink:

No. That is the answer.

However, I expect an upsurge in packages shipped this Christmas to be sealed in duct tape.


Considering my location, if anything big happens I’ll be dead before I can appreciate it.

If you people in NYC and Washington aren’t doing it, I feel better sitting out here in the middle of nowhere. How big of an area is it supposed to cover, anyhow? I agree it sounds like a pacifier or busy work.