You are all acting like a bunch of panicky, cowardly fucks! I'm ashamed of the SDMB!


You are all going into panic mode over terrorism!


Running around buying duct tape & sheet plastic! FUCK!

Now pay attention!

[li]If you do not live in a major city, & are not near a military base you are not repeat not in danger of terrorist attack![/li][li]Even if a full scale atom bomb is dropped on one city, you are not in danger if you do not live there. It is horrible, but it is not Armageddon.[/li][li]Hi, Opal.[/li][li]Duct tape is for ninnies. I will mock you if you bring it up.[/li][li]If the city you live in is so God-Damned dangerous—GET OUT!!! Don’t stock up on food, plastic sheeting, & etc. Just leave! NOW! Before the trouble. Panicing without useful fleeing is stupid!!![/li][li]Please try to remember that our worthless Commander-In-Least, George W., is merely trying to scare the bejabbers out of everybody, to quiet dissent over an upcoming & idiotic war.[/li][li]If you really must prepare, take Red Cross First Aid/CPR courses at the Y. You won’t need them for terror attacks, but they will help with broken bones & cuts around the house or when engaging in sports. CPR can save a heart attack victim, & that’s good too.[/li]
[li]Take 3 deep breaths, & go on with your lives. The Universe is chaotic, violent & uncertain. You were never truly in control or safe, why panic now?[/li][/list]


:mad: :mad: :mad:

I hear tell Murfreesboro is on the list…
so please be carefull.:dubious:

Was I panicking?

That’s what I like about living in a small town like Murfreesboro. If we were wiped off the map, the rest of the world wouldn’t notice for two or three weeks, so we wouldn’t make a very good target for terrorism.

My parents still live in Clarksville/Ft. Campbell, so I hope nothing goes down over there.

Come over here and check out how the Brits do it:

Did you see they’ve called in the army dear? There are tanks at Heathrow, and surveillance aircraft overhead? Arrests and rocket launchers, you say?

Ah, well. Best go and make a cup of tea.

There is a lot of discussion, but I haven’t seen any panicking yet. Bravo.

If you live near a major city, a major military base, and a nuclear power plant, is it okay to be… uh, actually, mostly unconcerned?

Duct tape is the tool of the gods. More useful than a good phillips screwdriver and almost as good as a nice knife.

Darn right about the Red Cross thing. Donate blood, too.

Oh goody, now I get to panic.

Well, I wasn’t panicking before, but after reading Bosda’s A–H list, I am feeling kinda nervous . . .

You forgot soft targets. Universities are nice for that.

I say, if it makes you feel better to buy 200 rolls of toilet paper and a six-month supply freeze-dried jambalaya, then do it. You don’t make fun of my little peccadillos and neuroses; I’ll let you nurse yours as you wish.

The Perry Nuclear plant is not too far from me.
Not to mention Cleveland OH, which nobody thinks is squat anyway…

Living in the third biggest city target in the nation, I hope you’ll forgive me if I buy a few gallons of water and some power bars.

And by the way, do you find it at all hypocritical that you tell everyone not to panic because it’s all a big government scam and then in the same breath tell everyone to flee the cities? :dubious:

Bah wimps.

BSL-4 just down the hall from me, stuffed full of nasty nasty things.

I hadn’t realized that anyone was panicking about attacks until I logged on this morning- of course, I’m in Canada, and I don’t read the newspaper.

Think they’ll bomb the CN Tower?

Incidentally, we had a fire in our apartment building a few weeks ago. It was pretty small- gutted one apartment and some smoke damage, but everything else was okay. Nevertheless, it was still freaky to be hauled out of the bathtub by my husband, have to dress fast (and incompletely- no socks), and run out of the smoke-filled building holding an indignant cat. I’m glad we didn’t have any bottled water to trip over.

Wha?.. well ok…

<TM stuffs his SLR-95 with the 40rd magazine in the closet and waits for Bosda to leave>

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that item F was the real driving force behind posting this whole thread. I hope you feel better now that you got that off your chest. :rolleyes:

No, PrickWits, it ain’t!

National Hysteria is disgusting, all the moreso in people who should know better!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

No, NO, NO!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Once again, we see that the “Hi Opal” gag has been improperly used. “Hi Opal” is only properly used when placed as the third and last item on a list. See, because it came about when Opal lectured everyone that a list must have three items. If it didn’t have three items, it wasn’t a list. So, in those cases where the poster would have only two items to add to his list, he or she would then add “Hi Opal” to fill it out to the required three.


Yes, I know I’m overreacting, but my handle is no accident…little things get to me and sometimes I need to vent.

Clearly Bosda is trying to get us to be unprepared so that the Tricorian Death Forces can march in unopposed!

What in the world are you crapping your pants about Bosda? I saw one or two threads at most about this topic, but just in case the big one comes to Mufreesboro you can always hide under Mike Reed’s porch or pitch a tent at Lake Greeson.

Hmm… I work in a hospital, located within blocks of other hospitals, in a major city, with a naval training center not too far away. My husband is a letter carrier for the USPS (oo, mailbombs! anthrax!). I take a train daily to a major train station in Chicago, within a couple blocks of the Sears Tower. Do I qualify to panic? Are there forms I have to fill out first, or can I commence immediately?