Are You Concerned About Seafood From The Gulf Of Mexico?

I was watching a blip on the news where some stores are strating to just blanket refuse seafood from the Gulf Of Mexico, not because it’s contaminated, but just because there is a public perception it is, whether true or not.

So that’s the question. Are you concerned about seafood from the Gulf Of Mexico?

Not concerned. I live here in New Orleans and I eat seafood all the time. My only concern would be if it gets too expensive. In fact, I had a shrimp plate today for my father’s day lunch.

Zero concern.

Can’t imagine why anyone would be.

I was assume they would think the oil would somehow contaminate the fish or lobsters or whatever. Especially now that oil balls are washing up more and more on beaches.

I don’t eat seafood, so it isn’t a concern of mine.

But you know publicity. It doesn’t even have to be true

I am currently not going to buy gulf seafood, mainly because I am worried about overfishing as it is - adding the death caused by oil [not contamination, but die off] I feel that it would be very easy to kill off entire species.

The whole mess sort of hits close to home, I have a friend on the coast who is being hit hard by the pollution, and another who was on the platform when it went boom and is now having issues with PTSD.

I don’t eat a lot of seafood, but I’m not at all worried that my dinner might come from the Gulf. If I were going to worry about my food, I’d be much more concerned with the packaging and the preparation than with the source…

It’s my understanding that we need to stop fishing there until the stocks have a chance to recover. Since the leak is still in progress, I’m guessing that’s going to be awhile.

I also have no knowledge at all about what affect the spreading oil can/does have on the various yummy creatures there. My daughter is young, and trace amounts of stuff that won’t hurt an adult can have an affect on her, so I’m careful. Until I’ve seen scientific analysis telling me that fish who eat oil balls or pass oil through their gills are safe, I’m not serving it.

I don’t generally eat Gulf seafood anyway, not because of the oil spill, but since I live in Seacoastal Southern Maine, and we have an overabundance of local seafood, oftentimes minutes off the boat, steamer clams, native shrimp, crab, and the crustacean Maine is famous for worldwide, good old Homarus Americanus, the Atlantic Lobster.

I hope the spill is stopped ASAP, and I hope impacts on the Gulf are minimal, and recovery times are quick, I shudder to think how a similar spill off the New England coastline would hurt us…

Personally, I have some doubts, but it’s because I started to think about the wonderful smoked mullet that I had occasion to eat in Florida, and seriously wondered about the future safety of the meat from some bottom feeders. Whether that is founded, I am not sure.

I don’t eat seafood. Not because it’s against my religion, but because I truly hate the taste of seafood. Yes, even shrimp.

If I did eat seafood, then I’d probably avoid the stuff from the Gulf, because I think that the area needs time to recover.

I’m a huge fan of seafood and I live on the Gulf coast. I am very worried about the shrimp and oysters because they breed in the marshes and estuaries where the currents aren’t as strong. For most of the local seafood “crops,” the state has opened the harvest season early so the fisherpeople can get as much as they can out of the sea before it’s all contaminated.

All that said, I was in the grocery store this weekend, shopping for seafood. I cannot find local seafood. Plenty of shrimp from Thailand in the stores (at least 24 hours too old for me), no local fish, no oysters. If it’s shipped in, frozen, from some far-off land, you can still get seafood in Florida. As of this past weekend, I am unable to find any local fare at all.

How would you know where it came from, though, in a store? Do they label it?

They do label it! :cool:

On the little card where it says “$6.99/lb.” if you look at the bottom of the card, in little, teeny, tiny letters, it will say, “Product of Thailand,” or “Farmed in Thailand,” or “Wild-caught from Florida” or somesuch. This is at Publix, if you have those where you live.

You can also ask, if you’re in a proper seafood shop. The seafood section of the grocery store does not count as “a proper seafood shop.”

Ah. I’ve never actually been to a proper sea food shop I guess…

The Texas gulf coast is still doing ok and we have plenty of seafood available for now. I do have a few pounds of shrimp stockpiled in the freezer, though.

Comes with its own cooking oil; what’s not to like? :stuck_out_tongue:

I buy local seafood, particularly wild-caught salmon. We have great oysters, clams, and shrimp up here as well, not to mention the Dungeness crabs and the several other fishes.

Me, too.

I’d be more concerned if I lived on the Gulf coast, but like MacTech, I’m in New England.

What concerns me (hopefully falsely) is that our warmer waters around the upper Cape and islands are warmed by the Gulf Stream. Whatever is going on in the Gulf will eventually work its way here.

ABC News had a segment from Gulfport last night in which a local shrimper said his catch was being sold as being from Texas.