Are you currently multi-tasking?

While typing this I am watching “Bloodbath At The House Of Death” and baking some chicken nuggets.

I’m watching Jeopardy!

I’m watching a city planner playing Cities: Skylines on YouTube and eating an Impossible Burger cheeseburger.

I’m reading this during long transportation runs while playing World of Warcraft.

Reading this, holding my cat, and watching the fire (in the fireplace).

Brushing my teeth and reading The Dope.

Chewing M&Ms with peanuts. And breathing.

Australian comic icon Rod_Quantock had a phrase for this which I aspire towards … “psychologically inert”. Incapable of thinking and breathing at the same time.
“You could always tell when they was thinking, they’d be lying on their back and blue in the face.” :cold_face:
Not there yet, but we’re working on it. :upside_down_face:

skimming emails, playing bejeweled, waiting for my wife to meet me for dinner.

Cuddling with my daughter and watching last night’s Dodgers game.

Watching Rachel Maddow, browsing here, and playing Final Fantasy XIV. In other words, it’s a normal weekday evening. :wink:

Does reading the Dope and drinking Dr Pepper count as multi-tasking?

If chewing M&Ms and breathing counts…

I’m drinking a beer, pretending to happy to see people, and actively not killing everyone around me. So, you know, like every other waking moment of life these days…plus or minus a video gaming or an eating.

Reading da Dope, eating vanilla bean ice cream AND breathing.

Watching “Frankenstein General Hospital”, drinking Old Rasputin Russian imperial stout, and retyping this over and over and ovre again until I get it right.

Well the over and over and ovre still needs some work. Unless you were going for the oeuvre of the works of Frankenstein’s General Hospital.

Me? I’ve cut back to just breathing and reading da Dope. Finished the ice cream.

Yeah, that’s what I was doing, sure and you betcha.

“Multi-tasking”? I can barely single-task.

I suppose I can claim to do a sort of poor man’s style of multi-tasking if you consider long periods of alternating single-task focus to qualify. It currently consists of the following steps:

First, I focus on da Dope and read stuff. Occasionally I grace the site with some of my brilliant observations and witticisms. That done, I turn my attention to my wonderful ice-clinking vodka martini, and focus on quaffing some generously apportioned imbibitions. After that, I focus on whatever snacks may or may not still languish on my right-hand side. Perhaps a pepperoni stick. Perhaps a baked sausage roll. Or perhaps nothing at all, which, sadly, is most often the case.

At which point, I turn my attention back to the vodka martini. After that, it’s back to da Dope. The pattern generally repeats until I either go off to bed or fall off my chair.


P.S.- I am retired, and therefore no longer responsible for my actions.

I’d rather not say.