Are you famous?

Would I be likely to have heard of you in real life? And if so, why?

The more specific answer you’re willing to give, the better. E.g., “I’m a professional athlete” is good, “I’m an NBA player” is better, and “I’m Shaq” is the best. But only if you’re actually Shaq.

In very specific circles, I am. For a couple of different reasons. A few years ago I drew comics as a side job. I did very short stories (4-6 pages) for independent publishers that pretty much only sold the books in California. It got me some fanmail, though.

At around the same time, I maintained an extensive website dedicated to Army of Darkness. I had a couple of interviews published in a couple of magazines, as well as correspondence with Bruce Campbell himself when asked to make my site the “Official” one. A couple years ago I was standing in line at one of Bruce’s book signings and heard guys behind me talking about my old website, which hadn’t been updated in several years by that point.

Just 2 or 3 years ago, I put a computer inside a Nintendo and published a tutorial online about how to do it yourself. It scored me several interviews in magazines and on the radio, and even got me on live, national TV. I was spotted exactly 1 time as “that guy who was on that one show that one time!”.

My fiance is reading this over my shoulder and is currently pointing at the screen saying “I know him!” He seems rather pleased.

I’m Batman.

I’m Spartacus.

I’m Brian.

Of course I am.

I am Bus Guy.

You’d think I wouldn’t have to point out the obvious.

No, I’m Spartacus.

Well, a lot of people in several countries, that I’ve never met, hold my audio restoration skills in high regard. And my voice is on the radio here, all day, every day. It has been recognized in public only four times. So, famous? No. But people have a good opinion of my work, in that if they are aware that I have worked on something, it’s worth their while to get it.

If you row or follow certain websites dedicated to rowing, you know EXACTLY who I am.
And you likely hate me.

You’re Michael, aren’t you?

I’m not famous except among a small coterie of local govenrment officials and bondage fans (not to worry, there’s no overlap – THAT I KNOW OF!) But. One of our posters, Boo Boo Foo, is riding in the Tour De France right now, which means he’s famous in Europe, and a former poster is said to be bopping Julia Roberts. Or was that … Julia Child? I never can remember which is which …

Not yet.

Did we ever find out who the hell newcrasher is?

You’d think they’d remember someone who’s levelled their city a dozen times, but no, all they talk about in Tokyo is Godzilla-this and Godzilla-that.

sigh It’s getting so you have to have atomic breath to get any publicity.

I’m not, but we do have a member who was a member of The Five Americans in the 1960s, and they had a number of hits including “Western Union”. You can read about it here in his “Ask the Aging Rock Star” thread.

I’ve also been curious if we have any nobility or royalty here. Any counts, barons, or dukes around? If you live in a republic and have only kept the title as part of your name, that’s OK too!

Boo Boo Foo is not riding in the Tour De France and he never has. Check the TdF thread in Cafe Society.

I’m not Michael, nor am I Ruckman or Teti.

But there are few others who command the attention (most of it negative) that I do. Compare posting styles- you’ll out me soon enough. But if you do, please e-mail or pm me, as I like to keep my worlds reasonably seperate, seeing as there are people to whom I refer here who are members of my community (like the famous HSHExGF).

I hope it’s not Julia Child, 'cause she’s dead. :eek:

I’ve been to the Marianas trench. Just once. In 1960. For 20 minutes.