Are you freakin' KIDDING me?! (Yet another L&D hospital trip)

I called my OB today just to see if I could go off the terbutaline since I was past 36 weeks officially now. I mentioned I had had contractions (mild and irregular) through the medication all weekend. The nurse who took the call intercepted my OB in the hallway and asked about me; his exact words were, “She didn’t have her baby yet?! Send her to L&D now.” I :eek: , then grabbed my stuff, called hubby home from work, and he drove me to L&D.


I burst into tears when I realized they were sending me home, again. That’s three trips to L&D in a week, all three of them because the doc urged me to go, and all three times…nothing. First two times, they were all about stopping the contractions. This time, it was, “Bah, the contractions aren’t strong enough and your cervix hasn’t really changed.”

Seriously, I sobbed. Off and on, for a few hours, with hubby gently playing with my hair and handing me tissue. Then again when we actually left. Then again a few hours after I got home. It isn’t that I have my heart set on having this baby NOW, it’s the back and forth and back and forth–it is wreaking havoc on my psyche. Fuck this.

My OB and nurse both were very sympathetic and comforting, saying I can come and go as often as I need and not to be embarrassed; they want me to come. My OB even offered to induce (!!!–really?! THREE DAYS AGO they were trying to STOP the contractions, now he’s saying induce?!), but I’m not ready for that yet. (FTR: the first two visits to the hospital, I was seen by the OB on call–not my OB–so it wasn’t that he was changing his mind.)

This is wrecking me. AUGH.

Good thing is, at least I’m done taking terbutaline. I’m off pelvic rest and can return to a semi-normal life.

sigh :frowning:

This blows.

Oh, and for added fun, the painful menstrual-crampy contractions returned this morning. My mom–who drove out here in a big hurry yesterday–is staying here and is at the ready to take me back to the hospital if I need. I told her if he’s not crowning or I’m not leaking fluids, I don’t want to go back.

Ohh, poor you! That sucks. At least you’re off the shaky-making drugs now, and your body can just do whatever it’s going to do. Can you sleep at all? Because you know you won’t be able to once the kiddo arrives. Go get a pedicure or something, just for you, while your mom watches your son.

Your baby is almost here! And now your docs are okay with that, which is good. You can do it!

Oh, you poor thing! It’s no wonder you are a wreck over this - anyone would be! The absolute suckiest thing about the last weeks of pregnancy is all the uncertainty, and it’s like the universe is giving you an exponential serving of it.

I’m very glad you’re off the jittery meds - that at least must be a relief. And I like your approach to going to the hospital! Let nature take its course, try to minimize the crazy-making L&D visits until you’re sure it’s for real. And remember, either way the baby will come in the next few weeks. Hang in there!

I’m sorry, sweetie. Hang in there, this will be all over in a couple of weeks, (I know, seems like an eternity) then you’ll have a whole 'nuther passel of problems to deal with for the next 18 years.

And for Og’s sake, please keep going to L&D, even if it’s anti-climactic. I don’t need to read a thread called Ask the Woman Who Gave Birth in Her Bathtub.

I am sorry they’re jerking you around like this. It’s really tough when you’ve got multiple doctors telling you different things.

And the crying is all about hormones. I know that knowledge doesn’t always help at the time, but you’ll get through this and be OK. (I once almost had to pull off the road because I was crying so hard, because they were playing The Little Drummer Boy on the radio. :rolleyes: And I was a sodden mess for days when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, even though I was already in the hospital and getting all my food on trays anyway, so it was scarcely going to change anything for me in any practical way. It’s that piling-on feeling that does it.)

I had to drink about two quarts of water to make the fake-labor contractions stop, but that usually did the trick.

Good luck. I wish I could make it better for you.

This happened with our last kid too. Multiple false alarms (and missed work), false contractions all the time, going way past the due date, then induction, and even the induction didn’t work until the second day.

It will still come out sooner or later. They always do. Then you’ll be surprised how quickly your mood changes, and all the anxiety and stress fades away, and you barely remember that last few weeks.

This won’t be the last time your kid messes with you.

Ruffian, sorry you’re having a hard time. My firend went through similar problems: early contractions, false alarms, frantic trips to the hospital followed by dissapointed drives home. She swore that the salad dressing made with balsamic vinegar was what finally got the ball rolling. Good luck and I hope you have an easy, smooth, pain free (as much as possible) and trouble free delivery of a healthy baby.

This sounds like a really horrible siuation. I’m sending good thoughts for the swift and easy delivery of an early and healthy Xmas gift for the Ruffian household.

Oh, Ruffian, poor you! How frustrating this all is, but at least you’re off the meds (didja get the thumbs up on going with espresso instead? Mmmm, espresso) and it’s all systems go for nature to take it from here. From what you’ve posted, this is not going to be a 40-week baby, so you’re not going to have to wait much longer. Try to get as much rest as you possibly can – your mother is there and I’m sure thrilled to be able to help with your little one. It won’t be long before we’re all cooing over pix of the baby!

My own hormone-drenched story, exposing my humiliation in the hopes that the derisive laughter gets your labor started in earnest: in the early months with my second child, I was of course often awake at odd hours and would flip stations while I was nursing her at night. For a few weeks, I would usually find Touched By An Angel at that time, and be an emotional basket case at the end of each episode. So full of feeling! So rich in our shared humanity! Such a subtle view into what’s ultimately most important! I happened to catch an episode about 6 months later and I was dumbfounded at the naked manipulation in the story. sigh Completely missed it in the fog of lactation.

Touched By An Angel, ye gods.

No fun! Sending out a wish for a much easier delivery than you have had so far!

I have often said that just at the very moment when you are completely DONE with this pregnancy nonsense and cannot stand another minute of it, then, and only then…will you still have to experience a couple, maybe three more weeks of pregnancy. Seriously, that last month is hell on wheels even without being in and out of L&D, dealing with terbutaline, etc. Hang in there! The finish line is in sight! And I can say that to you because I’m on the Internet so you can’t reach out and slap me. :slight_smile:

Sorry :frowning: I hope the next time you go to L&D, you come home with a new baby!

I’m sorry! That has to be so very frustrating and the emotional warp doesn’t help either. I’ll echo what some of the other people have said about crying at stuff (for no other reason than to give you a chuckle and get your mind off it). When I was pregnant with my first was when this video* came out. I cried and cried and one day it came on the radio and I missed the damn turn light. And I’m an atheist.

*It’s not a good copy of the video, but that’s ok because it’s not a very good song.

I’m sorry that you’re having such a hard time, Ruffian! I do, however, want the baby to bake just a bit more before coming out. He needs to be fully done! But in a couple more weeks, if things haven’t resolved, you might want to ask your doctor about castor oil. Nasty stuff, but edible with a Reese’s cup and some root beer. Moves things right along, it does- in some parts of the country, it’s routinely used as an inducer. And speaking of which, being induced with Pitocin hurts a hell of a lot worse than going into labor naturally.

I am so looking forward to pictures of this little troublemaker, so make sure you pack your camera!

Thanks for the sympathies and stories, everyone. I’ve been crampy and sore today, but nothing intense or regular enough to make me want to go anywhere.

stargazer, I’m able to sleep a little better than I was a few weeks ago when pregnancy-insomnia drove me batty. However, last night, our 3yro son completely lost his shit around midnight, and could not be consoled back to sleep until around 2am. He’s coming down with a cold, so he has a cough, and all the chaos of mommy going/coming, grandma here/gone, etc. has him a bit out of his head. That’s the worst night I’ve seen him have in–geez, at least a year, if not longer.

I know, I know ivylass…the whole Ask A Woman Who Gave Birth In Her Bathtub is not exactly hyperbole with me, either. I barely felt my contractions with my first; I had a prolonged early labor (what the OB nurse thinks is happening again this time), and when I finally did go to L&D with him I thought I’d be sent home because I thought they’d stopped. Nope. Strong and regular–I just didn’t notice. Rather than keep me stalled at 4-5cm, they decided to augment my contractions with pitocin. Alice the Goon, the pit did NOTHING to me except put a metallic taste in my mouth. Seriously–I kept waiting for the contractions to hurt, and they didn’t. I remember both our doula and the head OB nurse being slack-jawed that I slept through most of my pitocin-augmented contractions. (I actually remember hearing, through the fog of in-and-out-sleep, the OB nurse saying, “Well, that’s a new one.”) And know this–I didn’t take a drop of anything for pain. With my back history, I didn’t want an epidural needle ANYwhere near my spine, and I wanted to hold off on pain meds until I knew For Sure I needed them. I never really did. Honestly, the contractions never felt bad at ALL–not until my water broke, that is. No sleeping through the OH DEAR GOD contractions that followed. Two hours later, I was pushing; 30min later, RuffLlama was born. I actually stunned the OB on duty (who was at another hospital at the time)–he thought it’d take hours once my water broke. Nope. He didn’t get there in time, and the nurses–despite calling down the hallway for an ER doctor “stat”–delivered my son. He came so fast, my doula and the nurses warned I may not know I’m in labor with my second until he’s halfway out. That might be why they’re sending me every time I feel a twinge. If pitocin contractions without pain relief medications didn’t get my attention, then…yeeeaaaaaah.

ENugent, everything is making me tear up these days…gah. But geez, getting yanked around like that back and forth from L&D…I cracked. Ugh. Much better day today. shantih, your story is AWESOME and HILARIOUS. Heh heh heh. Since my mom is here, I may find myself stuck with a Hallmark or Lifetime movie–watch them actually get under my skin. And while I’m not having 6 shots of espresso, I am drinking coffee (getting my daily caffeine allowance). It’s not sitting well with the heartburn, but dammit, I make it. If I don’t drink more than a third of it, well…I still had my coffee! Dammit.

Here’s the interesting twist:

I’m supposed to have a scheduled C-section on 12/21. This is considered an elective C-section: I want it because I shattered a disc while giving birth to my first, and have had two back surgeries since. My OB and neurosurgeon both reassure me I could still deliver vaginally without further injuring my back, but I’m not convinced. I want to C to protect my spine jusssst to be sure. No WAY do I want to have to deal with a freakin’ fusion.

The C-section is scheduled as early as they will do an elective one: 38 weeks, 1 day. But–my family history is ALL of us (my sisters and myself) delivered our babies, our large, healthy, fully cooked babies, by 37 weeks. So…if I go into labor before the C-section date, I’m delivering naturally. Gah. Since my back has given me no trouble this pregnancy (I swear, it’s the best it’s been since before the first surgery), I’m not as worried…but now I have to cram my Learn to Labor class notes and such to try and remember breathing techniques and positions and whatnot.

Of course, if something goes wrong and an emergency C-section is needed, they’ll go through with that regardless of the baby’s gestational age.

This one is, indeed, keeping me guessing. Of course there will be pics, heh. Alice the Goon–little troublemaker, indeed. When I was 12 weeks, I about had a heart attack when it took 2 nurses and 3 machines to find his heartbeat. This was a day after I’d had light spotting; I suddenly thought…OMG, I lost him! Nope. At 16 weeks, it took 2 nurses and 2 machines. At 20 weeks, we were on to him. Then–this is ridiculous–at 34 weeks, they had a hard time finding his heartbeat. Now, I could feel him moving so I knew he was fine, but I was just amazed. How could they miss such a big target?? THEN yesterday, while contracting, the stinker had a foot wedged under a rib. That felt AWESOME when my uterus would get brick-hard. I’d push the foot out of the way–he’d push back. BTW–my mom said he hooked that foot under my rib in a stubborn act of anchoring himself inside. “NO! I will NOT come out and play!”

I’m in trouble with this one, aren’t I.

Note to rambunctious, rebellious baby:

Today is a bad day. Actually, today before about 8pm is a bad day. Worst day, really. See, Daddy’s winter concert is at 6:30pm. You know, the one he scheduled ridiculously early in the month in case you came early? His students are working hard and so is he. Let those middle schoolers show off their voices and instruments for their mommies and daddies before you meet yours.

Now is not the time to start with the painful contractions and nausea. Wait until tonight.

Actually, wait until tomorrow morning. Mommy would like one more decent night’s sleep (which the last two nights have NOT been), and so would Daddy.

Remember that: tomorrow morning. Or later, really.

Just not before 8pm today.


What a roller-coaster!!! Hang in there (and baby, this means YOU. Stay put and quit causing Mom so much trouble. That’s not supposed to happen until you’re a teenager, dammit!).

Start drinking water. Lots and lots of water. When I said quarts up above, I was not exaggerating. My handy-dandy mug from the hospital holds just over one quart, and I had to drink two mugs to get the early/fake contractions to stop. (I was just like you on not being able to feel the maxed-out-Pitocin contractions with my first, too, until my water broke. Then yeowch!)

Good luck. I will do my best to send you stay-put vibes.