Are you listed on the stock exchange?

There’s 17,576 possible 3-letter stock codes, so I thought the chances of my initials being the same as a publicly listed company’s code would be good. Turns out otherwise.

My wife’s initials however, indicate she has a market cap of just shy of $100b and eighty thousand employees. Seems I unknowingly married into the big leagues of asset management.

So which of you are sharing initials with the stock code of impressively large or cutting-edge companies?

Neither my initials nor my 3-letter first name are tickers :frowning:

Interesting question…

$816b market cap currently trading around $24. No numbers on employees


I have a $7.4b market cap but my stock has gone nowhere in five years. I need a good shaking up in my management. I’ll have a word with my wife.


Change the “H” to an “I”, and you get the symbol for an insurance company, but “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Apparently I’m a very low market cap and haven’t gone anywhere in 5 years.

Two letter initials: Market cap of $54.8 billion, trading at $94.

Nothing for my full monogram.

Does the CNSX (Canadian National Stock Exchange) count?

If so, Market cap of $12.19 million, trading at a whopping $0.17. 52 week low of 0.14, high of 0.50.

The NYSE allows for 4 letter identifiers, so that gives you over 450,000 combinations. Based on my understanding of the number of publicly traded companies that are listed, and assuming randomly selected identifiers (not likely), there is probably less than a 1 in 50 chance that a random 4 letter code will be an actively traded company.

Just realized that the combinations are even greater in quantity, as the ticker symbol can be 1, 2, 3, OR 4 characters, so there are over 475,000 possible options.

Sure - feel free to check other exchanges as well: Australia, the UK, Hong Kong…

I expect those people with four initials in their name will be less likely to be ‘listed’, but let’s see. I also like the ‘actual name’ as a stock code effort. So both Sid and Bud are listed, but Sue isn’t.

A ski and climbing equipment manufacturer opening at $6.65 as I type.

On the Polish stock exchange, apparently.

Also formerly on the London stock exchange but we went bankrupt in 2012.

Well, would you look at that? My initials match to the symbol of a cutting edge tech company. I’d invest in them, but not only are they at a near-high, but they’ve been very volatile.

My initials are doing well, at just over $83 a share on the NYSE and up 2.42% today.

Apparently I am not only an IT professional but I am also a major IT consulting firm. Who knew?!

I closed lower today, dammit.

My initials are for a company that does … I can’t figure out what the hell they do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But they trade ~ $10 with a market cap ~$250M

I’m not on the NYSE, but I am on the London exchange.

Market cap of 135 million pounds, They deliver targeted advertising for the financial services, technology and corporate sectors.

My initials are the listing for a company with 13 employees. It’s a penny stock. It opened at 34 cents, rose to nearly double by late morning and closed at 40 something. We’re on a roll!