Are you posting from somewhere interesting?

OK so not that interesting, but I’m posting from the American Airlines lounge at LAX (that’s Los Angeles International Airport for the non-Angelinos)

I’m posting from my apartment in Toronto. That (the city, not the apartment) may be interesting to a few people…

When I work weekends I occasionally post from the Boeing manufacturing facility where 737’s and 757’s are built.

If Taiwan counts as interesting, yeah.

Hotel in Seattle. Cool city. :cool:

I’m underneath the Great Hall at Brum Uni, which is possibly only interesting to me…

Erm, Hong Kong. Although I’m starting to lose interest in it day by day…

Toronto, in the basement of my home (where I live). If I had a laptop, I would post from the horse farm. :slight_smile:

Interesting? NO I’m in Alabama.

I’m an American posting from the Philippines, I have been here since March.

Well hell!! I’ll be posting from a tree if I ever finish this .

Well, I can try to make it sound interesting. I’m posting a stones’ throw from Borders Store #1.

I’m posting from the place where they did the shuttle wing tests.

I’m posting from an ambulance control centre. It can get quite interesting here.

I’m in a class learning how to order things for my office.

As you may have inferred, it’s not very interesting at all.

Plus, I now know that my quick Alt-Tabbing skills are still intact from high school computer class. :smiley:

Posting from my office in Anchorage, AK, looking out the window on a gloriously sunny July day at the Chugach Mountains framed by the mountain ash trees in the landscaping. Don’t know about interesting, but it shore is purdy.

In a cubicle in Crystal City, a mile from the Pentagon. Not interesting, actually…

I’m posting from Pearl Harbor. If I were at home I would be posting from ‘within sight of Pearl Harbor’.