Where do you post from?

I was talking with my sweetheart :slight_smile: and wondering how come the boards were so much quicker tonight. She thought it might be because most people post from work and are off because of the bank holiday.

So, I was wondering, how many people post from work and how many post from home. Tell me if you have both too.


I am not one of the fortunate ones who post from work. I actually have to work all the hours I’m there. So I post from home.

Both. From work 8-5 Mountain time weekdays, including today as it is not a long weekend in Canada this weekend. Weekends, from home (for obvious reasons).

Damn, and here’s me thinking they’d upgraded the server or something … I forgot it was an American holiday!

I don’t have internet at work, so I only post from home. Which is why you rarely see me around except at weekends, or really really early in the mornings … too slow during the European evenings :frowning:


Where do people work that they get all this posting time? As a boss, I think that I’d be either irritated with employees for hanging around message boards while I’m paying them to work, or I’d figure I wasn’t giving people enough to do on the job, which isn’t very efficient.

I am the boss.

I don’t take scheduled breaks and I work pretty damn hard. So, I don’t worry myself if I take 5 minutes here or 3 minutes there every few hours to do some reading and/or posting.

US Cental time zone, a coupla hundred miles from Chicago, Home 'O The Dope. Not very far, in sprawling, driving-mad Merkin terms but pretty irrelevant in terms of packets zinging around.
I usually “sneak read” at work, on breaks and lunch hours. I’m at my desk anyway so it’s a welcome reality break, which is pretty horrifying, come to think of it. My usual pattern was to make note of housecleaning details, interesting threads, etc. for later application at home.
Anymore I’m getting timed out during the day for even maintenance (okay, entertainment) reading and leaping on the 'puter in early evening isn’t much better. Fortunately (?!) I often jerk awake around 2 a.m. CST–owl forced onto daylight schedule–so board stuff works pretty well then. It’s kinda sweet; I visualize Dopers around the world either curled into sound sleep or working industriously.
Yeah, right.
Well, it’s my fantasy.

I’m the boss, too. :slight_smile: But I don’t think I would be really happy if my employees were spending a lot of time playing at work. Luckily I have wonderful and conscientious employees who I trust completely. Plus, I’m not in a line of work where anybody has access to a computer while on the job.

I do have a friend who is a gov’t employee. Out of an 8 hour workday, she spends at most two hours actually working. Most of the time she is online, or reading paperbacks, or on the phone…Personally I would be bored out of my mind in her job.

Back to your regularly scheduled thread, sorry for the hijack!

From home…but only because the firewalls at work eon’t let me access the SDMB.

Sure,I can look at pictures of Jeff Hardy to my heart’s content and email my friends but no SDMB. :frowning:

At home (and sometimes at the GMU library), as I’m currently between assignments.

work- no access at home… grr…

Work. Sometimes I’ll log on from a friends house or the library if I’m online. My job is basically to monitor computers, and I have 3 computers at my desk, so its easy to stay online and do my job. We’re basically backups for if something goes wrong with the computers.

Only from home. Work access is tracked, so I limit my use there to work related sites, and too much time online is a bad thing at work. Especially when you for for the bitch. I’m sure she checks our access daily.

I post from two separate locations at home. One is from my computer in the den downstairs, which is connected to our cable modem. I also post from my computer in my room, which is still on dialup until I network all the computers onto the cable modem.

I’m lazy and don’t have a job, but sometimes I do post from my friends’ house.

Work and home. I have lots of dead time in my job - waiting for calls or waiting for drawing printouts or researching and waiting for pages to come up. Then there’s lunch. I read pretty fast so I can skip back and forth between an engineering drawing and a thread and keep track of both.

And when it’s really busy, I just wait till lunch…

From home. I work for a large government agency that has a firewall that calls SDMB a “humor or entertainment” site, and therefor not allowed. Big Brother (actually, dubya’s little brother) tracks all internet / intranet use. Most nights (Eastern US Time) the Board is r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w. Tonight isn’t so bad tho’.

I am unsure if you are infering that** I **spend a lot of time playing at work, which I most definetly do not. Since I don’t take any scheduled coffee or rest “breaks”, I see nothing wrong with taking maybe, oh, 10-15 mins total in the morning and the same in the afternoon having my coffee and doing some posting/reading.


If I saw an employee of mine spending much more time than myself on the 'net I would not be a happy camper either. Luckily, I work with what I think are some of the best people on the planet, and its not much of a concern of mine.
Sorry for the continuing hijack!

Continuing the continuing hijack…

I post from work. I am also a boss (just a boss, not theboss). I resent the implication (if in fact that is what it is…I may be reading in too much here) that those of us who post from work are a bunch of slackers just hanging out on the board all day and shirking our job duties.

Are there some people that do that? Probably. In past jobs I’ve held, I would have been tempted to do the same thing.

But I work damn hard at my job all day, and I put in a lot of hours. I don’t take coffee breaks and I eat my lunch at my desk almost every day. For down time, other people like to go to the cafeteria and read the newspaper on their breaks. I prefer to log on to the boards and spend 10 or 15 minutes reading and/or posting. I don’t see this as a big deal.

The only drawback is the speed of the board during the day. I used to do most of my posting while eating my lunch, but nowadays I don’t even bother logging on during the peak hours. I’m probably on the board only about 20 minutes a day lately.

I post from home.

I don’t work with computers so I really couldn’t post from there.

Oh, and BTW, I thought Monday was Memorial Day, where we honor those who died serving their counrty. I didn’t know it was because of a bank holiday.

I only post from home. I used to borrow my friend’s laptop and post at school until a) my English teacher caught me reading a very profane pit thread and b) the school blocked the boards.