Where do you post from? Work or home?

To protect the guilty poll is anonymous. Consider “school” to be “work” (as it typically is if you’re a student). Home only here.

About 50/50. This is why I never complained back when we had to pay to post.

I figure if you rack up all the hours I’ve spent on the dope over the years while at work; I’d have a good few months salary.

I dorm during the week, so… I don’t have much of a choice here. “Work” four days a week, home three days.

About 50/50. I try not to post too much at work because having a wee browse is one thing but taking time to actually write out posts feels like taking the piss. I don’t post a huge amount at home either; I prefer to lurk and read.

Currently, my workload is sporadic, so I have a fair amount of free time. Plus I tend to kick off a task, and wait while the ESX farm allocates 1 cycle in a hundred to my VM.

However, to keep things seemly, I use a http tunnel from my browser at work via my server at home so that no-one at work can sniff the traffic (they just see some compressed data blocks across the work proxy to my home system).


The SDMB is a quick mental work break for me.

Home only. I can’t post from work.

You didn’t leave an option for people who work at home. (So I said “other.”)

I’m out of work now but ever since I walked into the IT guy’s office at one job and saw that he had the capability of reading EVERYONE’s email (and that’s exactly what he was doing), I realized that I better keep my personal internet activity to myself, on my own personal computer where it’s safe from prying company eyes.

I can’t get away at work… it’s usually pretty non-stop. I wish I could take mental breaks at work and read a thread or two.

I always post from home.

I spend most of my waking hours at school, so I picked “mostly work”.

Mostly 50/50, but I’m really trying to cut back at work and have actually blocked certain sites to help me with that.

Like Little Nemo, I can’t post from work. So home only.

I work from home, but most of the time when I am posting is during the work day. So I said “work.”

It’s definitely a mental work break for me, like WordMan.

Work is high-speed and home is dial-up so mostly from work. But basically just at lunch.

I’m not sure how to answer.

I work *from *home.

Home only. SDMB is blocked at work.


Also, we’ve got little poll displays now? The joint effect of an all forums block at work and almost a month with no internet access at home.

I don’t have computer access at work - & wouldn’t post from there even if I did. So its all from home.