Posting From Work (and getting in trouble

Was just wondering how many of you post to this board from your work. And if so would your office manager care?

Yes and yes. Tee hee :slight_smile:

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Yes, yes, and I don’t care because I’m leaving in less than two weeks.


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Yeah, I post from work, but I am pretty much in control of my own time; if the work gets done no one cares how much or how little time I spend on the net. I just have to exercise a little discipline.

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Well, I post from work from time to time. And I have yet to get into any tro

Yes, and although there is ostensibly a rule against internet surfing, I don’t know a single lab assistant who actually follows it. I mean, we work in a friggin’ computer lab! How are we supposed to stay in there 5 hours and not give in to that temptation?
To be honest, I don’t think they really care, either.

I usually post from work and would get in trouble for it since they track our computer use, but I never come to this board (or the other non-work related site I visit)under my own password just the site password - So screw 'em.

From time to time things get quiet at the emergency clinic, so I will take a few minutes to check e-mail, but I won’t come here to post. The bosses don’t like when we use the computer for personal use, but everyone does it anyway. Since we keep it brief, they don’t make a big issue of it.

I do post while I’m at work, but it’s usually during a lull in my workday. For instance, right now I’m waiting for my most recent project to compile, which takes ten to fifteen minutes; during that time, my PC is nearly useless for anything but web browsing.

The network folks do monitor our internet activity, but I’m told that moderate use isn’t considered a problem. Just before I started here, some people were fired for breaking the usage policy, but my boss says they were downloading porn on company time.

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Yes and maybe. Part of my job is keeping abreast of current developments in our research field so I use the internet a lot. I’m sure if he knew how much time I spend on this message board he’d suggest I spend less. But he has seen the “THE STRAIGHT DOPE” logo on my screen a few times and asked about it and I told him. No big deal.

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I only post from work (no computer at home). I think I’m okay as long as I don’t look at porno; but I don’t know how IT Support monitors me. If I suddenly go away, you’ll know the reason why!

Yes to the first question. To the second question, I would have said “no” before today and “I don’t know” after today. I just read a very sternly worded statement on our intranet saying that email and internet aps were supposed to be for business only, and that forbidden material included the laundry list (dirty pictures, racism, etc.) I don’t have to worry about the forbidden content since the stuff I look at is pretty clean (online banking, Straight Dope, etc.) On the other hand, the clean stuff I do isn’t really work related; I wonder if someone is going to chew me out one day for wasting bandwidth. Hmm.

You should all remember that a company can use anything you process through your company computer against you. They can read any of your email and do what they want with it. They have the right to access any data you enter on it. Anything personal should never enter your company computer.

Not from work. My corporate Infonazis screen stuff we look at often, and they ban this site.Dave Letterman too.Onion too.But I got one back the other day.Deja. I think they wouldn’t take your internet away. In my case I need it because I use a fee based database through a net connection. Porno has been pretty well blocked, even Yahoo and shopping.