Are you safe if both recently tested?

My sister and I want to visit. My idea is that we both get tested for COVID 19 and when the results are negative we plan the trip. Neither of us has symptoms. Is this necessary? Is it worthwhile? I could have my test on a Monday, get negative results on Thursday, and visit my sister on Saturday. But what if I catch the virus on Wednesday? Is there anyway to visit safely?

There is no safe way, but some ways are safer than others. Both of you should limit your interactions with others between testing and visit. And during your visit can you meet outdoors, remain socially distant, and mask up as needed? Wash your hands a lot.

But it sounds like you’re planning to travel and spend multiple nights together under the same roof? Is that accurate? If so, I’d plan on self-isolating after the trip.

In all things in life there is no such thing as “safe”. Nor does “unsafe” exist. There is merely more or less safe.

So you first need to decide how safe is safe enough. Because there is very little truly reliable data out there, this is essentially an emotional decision, not a factual one.

But even if complete & reliable data was available, the core issues are still statistical. Driving to your sister’s house necessarily entails the risk of a car crash. It’s not “safe”. But I bet you think it’s “safe enough”.

If you both hide indoors away from all humans for 2 solid weeks, then both get tested, then both hide indoors interacting with zero other humans until you get the results, then meet face to face before being near any other human you’re pretty darn safe from COVID. Unless of course either of your tests was a false negative. Eek!

See the problem?

What you really need to decide is: Based on how many people are sick where either of you live, and on how much your/her local public is being smart/safe or dumb/reckless, what are the odds you or she contract it before you meet? And how much interaction with the outside world do you need to have while traveling to meet? She lives overseas vs she lives around the corner are two very different things.

I had a walk-in outpatient surgical procedure on Friday the 12th. They had me stop by on Tuesday the 9th to get my nose swabbed and ordered me to self-quarantine at home until I come in on Friday. Thursday I got the result that it was “not-detected”. I confess to breaking quarantine by driving to a Wendy’s drive thru window for a double with cheese and bacon.

My point is both of you would have to isolate yourselves after the test and even after you have the results. If you have to go out wear a mask and wear it PROPERLY. I keep my mask in my car along with hand sanitizer and some of those blue gloves.

Thanks. All good suggestions.

I also don’t know what to do, but more inclined to postpone meetings, while all this is not safe. :unamused: :roll_eyes: :grimacing: