Are you sick of "celebrity culture?"

Yuck, puke, vomit, splat…

There must be a term or word describing a condition beyond narcissism, solipsism, head-stuck-in-rectumism…

Celebrity Culture Is Burning

I’ve been sick of it for years. Coronavirus has done a nice job of highlighting the banality and vacuousness of celebrity culture though.


If you look away, they disappear.

I’m more sick of the coverage it gets, though I suppose the coverage itself is a key part of celebrity culture. Always been sick of it.

Especially disgusted with the breathless reporting of celebrities “beefing” with each other. Why take a side? What are the stakes?

Nope. Because it is exceedingly easy to ignore. I could write books on how little I know about the lives of modern celebrities.

I’ve been sick of them for a long time. I like them to entertain me, I don’t need them preaching to me.

Same answer I would have given you around 1980. Yes.

I have tuned out almost all of them, and consider them mostly interchangeable. At some point I stopped caring who’s singing, or starring in any production, and don’t give two shits about what they’re doing in their spare time.

I noticed something interesting when visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. I worked my way through the chronological hall that started (IIRC) somewhere in the 50s. At each exhibit, I recognized the singer’s picture before reading the biographies about their career. Up through 1979. Past that point, I was unable to recognize any of them, although some names were familiar when I read the bio.

1980 was the year I joined up with MizPullin and had to take working and earning a living seriously. Apparently that was when I parted ways with the popular culture.

Me too, I do wear it as a badge of pride though. I work on the principle that if anyone is good enough to warrant my attention , they’ll get my attention through their work. I care absolutely nothing for the private lives and background activities of those “celebrities” who havegot my attention, imagine how much I care about the z-listers who don’t even ping my radar.

In the last few years, whilst in line at the grocery store (oh, back in the good ol’ days!) I’d look over the covers of the magazines on display as you queue. At some point, years ago, I could no longer recognize most of the “celebrities” on the covers.

If it was actual “celebrities” then it would only be a mild irritation. E.g., stuff about Oscar winners, stars of good TV shows, etc.

But … the Kardashians? Come on. They are freaking everywhere. Ditto all the other synthetic “celebs” from Real Housewives on down.

Yet those all “so last year”.

Now it’s Internet “influencers”. Whatever that means. If you can get enough eyeballs then you get advertisers, then you can go viral* and make immense sums. There are absolute nobodies who are getting 10s to 100s thousands of dollars for a single post/endorsement.

  • Boy, is that an outdated term.

Yeah, the Gal Gadot “Imagine” video was a prime example of one. Celebrity millionaires singing, “Imagine no possessions”…to all the people poorer than they and perhaps unemployed during a pandemic.

What I don’t get is why people get so worked up about it. It’s harmless fluff and if people like that form of escapism, why would I begrudge them? I find the people who complain about it and loudly make sure everybody knows how they are above that sort of thing far more annoying. Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. Denouncing things doesn’t make you smart or interesting.

The celebs that are full of themselves are very annoying, but I sort of get it to an extent. They often have to promote themselves to succeed. No such thing as bad press, etc. And if you’re rich and famous with thousands of adoring fans I’m sure it’s tempting to share your infinite successful wisdom with the masses.

I view celebs as casual acquaintances that we all share. We can’t all speak from experience about Bob from accounting sleeping with the cleaning lady at my job, but we can talk about Kayne making Mike Meyers uncomfortable and most people know them.

Only when they disagree with my politics.

When they agree with me, then of course they are good citizens, doing their civic duty.

This is such a non-issue it’s silly. Celebrities have always had more than us and will continue to live in comfort the rest of us typically do not. Who honestly expected this to change? I’m not living on the street, but I’m not raking in hundreds of thousands either (I need money from the government to get insurance). I’m not seething in jealousy because celebrities make more money than me. Being angry that celebrities continue to be celebrities is such a bizarre notion, and kind of reeks of entitlement, tbh.

Yeah, it’s all in the bucket called “Entertainment”, along with a lot of other things. As long as you keep that in perspective, then who really cares?

Being “sick of it” is still engaging with it.

I agree with this. Especially people hating on The Kardashians. I don’t know where people get their news or to what degree they are forced to read or watch anything, but I read Buzzfeed and Reddit and am on Facebook all day and hardly ever see anything about them. Or if I do, my eyeballs zip right past headlines just like they zip past headlines about other stuff I don’t have interest in.

I don’t think that celebrity worship or celebrity culture is any different than it has been for the past thousands of years. The type of people who make a career out of being a celebrity, either for arts or “just because” are the type of people who are going to have their names and faces out there. It is their job to do so. They’re comfortable doing so. They pay people to do it for them. It’s how being famous works.

Just now there’s a lot of channels for famous people to directly reach the public, and for the public to reach them. And it’s free for the famous people to do it! Such is life.

I am genuinely curious about the Kardashian stuff though…where are people running into them and having their time interrupted by them?

In general, I agree. I never follow “celebrity news”.
But when it takes over, and real news starts giving reports on celebrities, and everyone talks about the latest. or when it becomes a Jeopardy! clue.

Like the aforementioned Imagine video. I never heard of it, or the backlash, until the MSM picked it up. And I would have been happy never knowing.

But I’m still going to watch Wonder Woman 1984. Whenever it gets released.

So, I find it highly amusing that seemingly every Doper is so anti-celebrity culture; but then there is a line out the door of the same Dopers in other threads lamenting the loss of Fountains of Wayne singer and Rush’s drummer. Or threads about who will be remembered in 100 years? or whose death will be most impactful? or the annual death thread? It would seem to me that there is a lot of Boomerism going around about how younger generations’ Youtube and social media and even the Kardashians aren’t important compared to those gods of yesteryear.

I can’t even imagine the meta-ness of commenting in a thread complaining about articles written about celebrity culture. I am just giving you all a hard time, but I see no difference between Kardashian worship and mourning the passing of musicians or actors. Whoopity doo to all of it.

I think our modern celebrity culture is just a manifestation of our sense of tribalism. We’re a species of social animals; we’re genetically set to form attachments with a group of other humans.

When this instinct evolved, the only other humans an individual would encounter on a regular basis would be the other members of his or her tribe. So the instinct to be interested in the lives of other humans strengthened the tribal bonds.

But modern communications subverts this instinct. We can know “encounter” people through the media - even though it’s now a one way street and those people will never encounter us. But we can form the same attachment for a celebrity we “know” that we once formed for a member of our tribe.