Are you sick of "celebrity culture?"

I don’t give a crap about Jane Austen but I don’t begrudge Jeopardy using her as a clue. How do you feel about Trivial Pursuit having an Entertainment category?

This is pretty much my attitude. I’m not really sick of celebrity culture because I just don’t follow it. And I’m not trying to come off as one of those holier than thou people who brag about not owning a TV or recognizing pop culture icons. Believe me, I like some really stupid stuff so I’m not in any position to point and laugh at others. Tabloids and others run celebrity culture because apparently it sells.

Remember in the 80s and 90s when tabloids were primarily concerned with far out stories about Bigfoot, Batboy, Elvis sightings, and alien abductions?

I agree that it’s easy to ignore it so I ignore 95% of it. I like to watch movies and TV but I don’t really care about what the actors do when they are not working.

It’s been said since we don’t have a royal family we have celebs instead and I agree with that.

Hey, that reminds me, they unmasked The White Tiger last night! He was a sports dude.

Early 90s and I’m playing cards at the home of a new friend. Lookimg at his records I guessed he had married in 1983. How? It was when he bought his last LP, CD, or cassette. Yep.

I’ve taken to watching the last half hour of Masked Singer to hear the preposterous guesses of the clawing-to-get-back-on-the -D-list panelists (Alan Thicke’s kid, Typhoid Jenny, Dr Ken, and a woman who may be black). They like to guess A listers who wouldn’t be caught dead driving past the studio where it’s filmed but it’s always an even bigger nobody, The producers spend more on costumes.

I understand you’re just funnin’, but as one of those “distainers”, my conscience is clear. I don’t post in celebrity death threads. I may miss their art, but I don’t weep over their passing.

But commenting on which artist will be remembered in a hundred years isn’t “celebrity worship”. Art is knowing Mozart’s impact on music. Celebrity culture is caring who Mozart slept with.

actually 200 years ago it was the same with the nobility and the English "ton"one village papers used to have about 4 pages of news and 10 of the widowed lady so and so was with 2nd duke of whats it whos a shipping magnate and rumored to be involved with actress so and so "

You see no difference in caring about the work someone has produced and caring about the brand of hair spray used by a celebrity’s niece’s live-in yoga instructor?

I’m just worried that one day “celebrity” will trump anything of substance and we’ll elect someone president based on that alone.
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An excellent point.

I’m not sick of it because I pay attention to the things I find interesting and pass by the things I don’t.

For example, I like to see what people wear to the Met gala. I like hating on Gwyneth Paltrow. I was sad to hear that Idris Elba was positive for the coronavirus but glad he’s been asymptomatic. I can’t think of anything in particular I’m not interested in. I guess it’s not important enough for me to remember.

We probably would have a different president if he wasn’t on TV for 12 years.

Also Arnold S probably would not have been CA governor without being in movies. Jesse Ventura , Reagan, got elected partly because they were very well known before running for office.

There’s a line in Ani DiFranco’s “You Had Time” that has stuck with me, and informed my attitudes towards celebrities: “She said, ‘Did they love you or what?’/I said, 'They love what I do '”. I appreciate those people whom I find entertaining or talented, but have no burning need to know the details of their private lives. I mean, yes, I would be absolutely star-struck and fanboyish if I met Neil Gaiman, or Ani, or Helen Mirren; but that’s because I find them immensely talented artists, who’ve created works that have brought me much joy.

I’m absolutely tired of celebrity culture, moreso after the coronavirus hit. It drives me crazy that someone who’s not a medical professional or involved somehow in national security can get tested for it when so many people can’t because they aren’t sick enough, famous enough or rich enough.

Also, I feel like the notion that “They’re just like us!” is constantly being rammed down our throats. There’s a world of difference between someone who has millions or billions of dollars and commands so much attention compared to pretty much everyone else in the free world.

I’m not sick of it, I just don’t “get” it. Especially Instagram influencers.

The idea that I would decide what shoes to buy based on what shoes Joe Famous is wearing, seems crazy to me.

But yeah, I agree with what a few others have said in this thread: If they enjoy it, let them have their fun.

No! NO! No fun allowed anymore!


The only trouble is that my ignorance of them makes some crossword puzzles harder.

Celebrity endorsers are the worst- beady eyed Joe Namath waving his hands around, trying to persuade money out of our wallets, Alex Trebec mouthpiecing for some fraudulent looking insurance company, and William Shatner. He has an amusing one. His spiel starts out something like: “Hi, I’m William Shatner. There’s something you may not know about me”. Well, that narrows it down!

Meh. I can ignore them. Some produce music or art or books I enjoy. Some do good things for others.

The only one really worth worshiping is Weird Al.

A few years ago at work two women were discussing whether Kim Kardashian is attractive. They appealed to me for a male casting vote.

“I wouldn’t recognise her if she was sitting here with us,” I replied, “I can’t tell those blonde celebrities apart anyway.”

“Well, you certainly wouldn’t recognise her,” one of them laughed.

So yes, it is very easy to ignore.

Yeah. I call it getting old. I only look at People magazine at the hairdresser’s. Half the time I’m wondering who these “people” even are.