Are you ticklish?

And would be the fate of anyone who tried to tickle you?

For me- Yes…
…and, they probably wouldn’t be seen again.

Very, very ticklish. All who tickle me shall perish.

No not very.

After a while of a person trying to tickle me unsucessfully, it’s quite irritating/sometimes mildly painful. Same as if someone just kept poking you in the same spot.

I’m not actually sure if I’m ticklish, because for all of my life, I’ve hated being tickled so much that people have, by now, generally learned not to try to tickle me. (It helps that I tend to shout and scream rather than laugh when tickled.)

Not at all ticklish. I had older brothers and learned not to be ticklish early on. Trying to tickle me would earn one only a resigned sigh.

Same with me. I was the youngest, so my siblings would tickle me (we didn’t have cable). I eventually learned to turn it off. If I concentrated, I was able to stop from being ticklish. I had to learn this for survival.

Yes, very much so.

Terribly ticklish.

Not at all. In fact, I like the sensation of having my feet tickled, even as a kid.

Quite ticklish. Anyone who tickles me will suffer a prolonged bout of squealing, shrieking and generally un-masculine behavior.

Tickling my wife, OTOH, results in instantaneous death for the perpetrator.

Not ticklish, to the disbelief of various grandkids, who keep trying, to no avail.

Not at all. Never.

Fiendishly, horribly ticklish, perhaps in part because I get very little human physical contact. My ex could barely touch me without tickling me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m unique (in more ways than one) –
Sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not – and –
Only in certain spots that move slightly.

It doesn’t hurt, so it doesn’t really bother me - but it can ruin a good mood.

All these admissions to ticklishness and no power to tickle! Here is where almost everyone, even the least ticklish, can be tickled: the roof of your mouth. You can even tickle yourself there, give it a try!

Me, I’m medium ticklish. But not the soles of my feet. I don’t have proper feeling in my feet, and have never been ticklish there. My SO giggles if you waggle your fingers in his direction, MUHAHA such power!

Yes, very. If someone tickles me, my reaction is to scream and slap them away, fairly violently. If they continue I will start crying. Tickling is awful.

Sometimes, I can usually control it. Occasionally, it has come in handy as a precursor to…other handsy activities.

Very very very ticklish. And I get to laughing so hard that I’m helpless, so no negative consequences for the ticklers. Until I have a chance to calm back down and plot my revenge.

Am I the only one who feels the more you respond to tickling, the more ticklish you become? If you resist, it’s not so bad.

Usually not ticklish at all, but at certain times, and in some places, can be.