Are you ticklish?

I put gender because speaking as I guy, I hate this about myself. Its so emasculting.

Yes, but you’ll have to take my word for it, because if you ever try it, I will break your fucking fingers.

No, not really. I wish. But I will pee on you. Really.

I’m almost always not ticklish, but very occasionally my wife will be able to tickle me. Usually it happens if I am already giggling about something else. But if I am not already feeling giddy, I am untickleable.

My 3-yr old girl always tells me she’s not ticklish, but it’s in between gasps of laughter and squirming so I tend to disregard her testimony.

I used to be. Nowadays, not so much. Put more accurately, I am better at actively suppressing the urge to laugh than I once was.

If only I could pee on the tickler without peeing on myself first. :mad:

Tell me about it. I had a date last week and things were going great. My game was on point, and we were being very flirtatious with dirty talk and the works. She went to rest room and came back. She approached my chair from behind and started kissing and licking my neck…which caused me to giggle like a schoolgirl and causing her to stop. Things still worked out well, but i think that her vision of me definitely changed.

My boyfriend once tried to pin me down and tickle me. In my flailing attempts to escape I kicked him in the face and testicles. He hasn’t tried after that.

Attempts to tickle me don’t work in getting a reaction beyond genuine irritation.

I am very ticklish!
I find a little bit of tickling sweet, cute, etc. But if you go beyond a little, you are risking my wrath.

My hubby has one tiny spot on the back of his neck that, if you get it just right, at just the right time, it will tickle. Otherwise, he’s not. It’s just not fair.

I am horribly ticklish when it comes to my feet, so unless you firmly restrain my legs, I will first warn you that I’m about to kick you hard, then do it, even if you are my best friend or my lover.

A nice thing is that having two older brothers taught me how to fake not being ticklish when poked to the sides.

Hard to answer this one. I’m male, but the ticklish part seems to depend on my mood. When I’m feeling down, I’m not ticklish at all. When I’m feeling good, I am only ticklish in certain places and to a fairly firm touch. When I’m anxious, I’m ticklish to a lighter touch, and in more places, but it feels really bad, like I’m gonna jump out of my skin. And then there’s when I’m, ahem, aroused, where I’m ticklish all over to any type of touch. (and it feels really, really good.)

Am I just totally odd?

I am extremely ticklish! If you are one of those people who insist on tickling, even when warned off, then prepare yourself. I think punching is even funnier than tickling, especially when someone who asks you not to.

I’m ticklish in certain places. My neck, my underarms, my tummy. But ESPECIALLY my neck. I think that’s about all. My feet, for example, aren’t ticklish at all.

Yes, extremely.

My husband is so ticklish I only have to pretend to tickle him to put him in hysterics. I’m not mean enough to do this too often, though.

I’m so ticklish, it’s ridiculous. Often times a boy will try to kiss my neck, and I’ll just giggle uncontrollably. Probably not the sexy reaction he was going for, but I can’t help it.

Yes I am. But -only- on the bottom of my feet.

I am really ticklish and the SO takes plenty of advantage of it. He is really ticklish too though so it works out pretty evenly. Demetri Martin has a comedy routine about how if someone asks you if you are ticklish it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no because you are going to be tickled either way. The appropriate answer to the question is, “I have diarrhea.”

A conversation with an old GF of mine:
GF: “You are so ticklish”

Me: “No I’m not. I just pretend to be because I know you think it’s cute.”

GF: “Whatever”

Me: “No, seriously, try me.”

GF: [sticks out index finger and slowly inches towards my rib cage]

Me: “Bwahahaha!!”


I was ticklish as a kid, but some time in my late teens, early 20s I stopped, for no reason that I can determine. One downside to this now is that some of my grandkids do not believe that I am not ticklish, and will bore in with almost bruise-inducing vigor to try to get a response. Ouch.

I am horribly ticklish. Just getting near my neck causes me to start laughing uncontrollably. My fiancee loves this.

I do not.