How much do you like being tickled?

Inspired by this thread and original Cecil column.

Do you enjoy, or loathe, being tickled? Scale is from +5 to -5, with +5 equaling “love it!”, -5 is “hate it!”, 0 is neutral. At the bottom I put down the “NOTA” option, if you aren’t ticklish at all, so the main poll is for people who are ticklish to begin with.

Me, I kind of like it, just as long as it isn’t constant for longer than 10 seconds or so, so +3.

Poll is public.

I don’t see an “I absolutely fucking hate it and I WILL kick your ass” option. Maybe you could add it so I could vote.

I would rather be punched over and over in the face, thanks.

It is literally a form of torture.

I’d rather have a concrete enema.

I was torn between -5 and “I’m not ticklish.”

The actions that in others produce ticklish feelings hurt my skin. You can “tickle” me any way you like, all I’m going to say is “ow.”


I think its hot, especially with a girl who likes it. Of course if I’m going to be tickled, then she’s going to get it too, usually while tied up :wink:

Well…define tickle. Are we talking about the smush your hand into my neck or tummy–that’s torture, FYI. Or are we talking about lightly stroking the skin–that’s better than sex.

that’s a tough answer. he seems to go pretty quickly from tickle to “The Hook”, which is two fingers hooked that hurt like hell. I am sure if the tickling stopped at tickling, I wouldn’t mind so much, but since it always ends up at the Hook, I really don’t like it.

I mostly hate it, unless my husband’s doing it. Then I kind of hate it, but I love it when he touches me.

I hate it because it makes me feel completely helpless and unable to defend myself. I really, really do not like that feeling, not a tiny bit.

Because I’m not ticklish, I hate it because it just is irritating.

One of the responses should have read “Depends on who’s tickling me.”


I am massively ticklish. I don’t even require contact to start laughing. I hate it and don’t want to be near anyone that finds it amusing.

Obligatory Dimitri Martin comedy bit.

If someone asks ‘Are you ticklish’, it dosen’t matter what you say, they are going to tickle you. If you don’t want to be tickled, you gotta say something like.’ I have diareha….now don’t touch me, or your gonna make it come out……and yes, I’m very ticklish .

I hate it. When someone tickles me, my automatic response is to scream and start flailing my limbs in a way that usually ends with the tickler getting hit in the face. Then they have the nerve to say something like “I tickle you and you hit me?!”. It’s not as if I do it on purpose, but they deserved it.

Part of the reason I hate my oldest brother is his habit, when we were kids, of tickling people smaller than him no matter how they begged him to stop. He did it to me and my youngest (favorite) sister both; bear in mind that he is ten years older than me. He tried it with my stepdahghter earlier this year, prompting me to physically remove him. Not doing so with a two-by-four was probably an error.

Tickle me and I will punch you as hard as I can.

In and of itself, I only mildly dislike it. But it brings back memories of an uncle who used to tickle kids . . . with a finger that had been partially amputated in a concentration camp. Creepy.

I hate it to the point that I have no problem shoving them off or tossing a punch if the other person won’t stop it when told.