Are you up to choosing your casket?

We are taking a one question poll over at the NCRA (non profit funeral watchdog group) and would like to see if a few of you would like to pick out the type of material your casket should/would be.
To study industry trends.

“Does love have a limit? Neither does forgiveness”

I just voted Cherry. Nothing like the look of Cherry to say “Hey, I’m dead and loving every minute of it”

Plain 'ol pine for me. Eeeeew, 20 gauge steel with a gasket. Why? So I can liquify and slosh around like beer in a can?

Just burn what’s left after the organ guys and the science classes are done with me, and toss the ashes into a garden somewhere.

But bless you guys for taking on the evil monopolist ripoff mortuary industry.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Here in GA, there is a law (currently being challenged) which states that caskets, et al. can only be sold by a funeral home. Uh, why? Should I only be able to buy a bassinet in a maternity ward? Or get envelopes only from the Post Office? Dumb laws…

I’m with Bunnny - simple untreated pine. No hinges, just nail it shut. Hey, Bunny, wanna share? Two, two, two stiffs in one!

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

No casket for me, thanks. Just burry me with my ass sticking out of the ground so that visitors have somewhere to park their bikes.

I mean “bury.”

I would like the simplest possible, the equivalent of a plain pine box. I am sure that the evil Funeral Barons running the mortuary cartel have bought enough politicians to make something more elaborate mandatory. I told my wife that I wanted to leave my body to science (she suggested science fiction/horror). Actually she objected and wants my carcass interred in one of those above ground condos they have now. She says she can’t stand the thought that I would be cut up by students somewhere. I don’t understand this. She and her familiy never visit the cemetery, and I have no desire for them to spend the little money I intend to leave them on my funeral. I suggested a compromise - If I go first, she gives me a conventional burial instead of giving my body to medical school. If she goes first, I donate her body to the school.

I want to be cremated and spread around my mom’s house, so she’ll have to clean up after me one last time.

Strainger, the picture you put in my head with your burial request is priceless!

Doc, hey, sounds good! If you go first, have 'em stick you on ice and we’ll share. A big wake for all! Should be a heck of a party, eh!?

That is great!!!

Why do I care what I am burried in?
I’m dead right.