Are you younger than you think?

Just thought I’d share this with you. The bbc ran a health test the other night to see if you are younger than you think…
My age is 35.8 and I came out 34.8 (I need to quit smoking and excercise more)… Anyways have a go. You’ll need an online conversion for weight and height to metric. It’s UK based and I can’t say how the location part affects the test, (I’m South east).

So, how old are you?

real age 29.3

calculated age 29.4

I can live with that :slight_smile:

Same test, I think, and not UK biased.

real age: 33.8
calculated: 36.2

Cool. Next time someone asks me my age, I’m going with 35 and 3/4’s.

Chrono age: 40

RealAge: 38

Probably would have been lower if I hadn’t had the seriously ill parents earlier this year.

OK, is there one that a.) isn’t for the UK only and b.) doesn’t require you to register?

I got 39.7 instead of 41.1 (real). Not all that much difference really.

OK, I went and took the plunge.

I got 39.9; I’m 42.4.
I’d be younger, but I’ve got mild asthma and Grave’s Disease (which is being treatedand will go away - nothing in the quiz takes that into account).

I think some of it is bunk. It asks questions about your driving habits, which doesn’t mean diddly as far as your current health. It certainly increases your risk of death, though.

It also doesn’t account for looks or emotional maturity, which is how your age is perceived outwardly. This must have some bearing on how young you feel.

And having to put up with their attempts to sign me up for their spam surely must have aged me a year or two.

35.8, a whopping 7 months past my real chronological age.

I love that I input my lack of exercise and smoking, but get credit for coming from good stock and having friends. :cool:

it doesn’t have my DoB listed… I was born in 1986 and the british version ends at 1984

hmm… and the American version has me listed at 28.8 years old. I don’t know where it got that, but I’m 18 and the .8 seems to be close enough.
so, given that, my “REAL AGE” is 38.4

I’m 19.6 years older than I should be.

go me.

and even better, it’s my fault. Anorexia is bad, mmmkay? don’t starve yourselves, kids. it’s not cool.

I’m happy to report that my “real age” is 4 years younger than my biological age. Yay me.

My age is 29, my Real Age is 31.1.

Chron. age: 41.6
RealAge: 40.4

I’m young, I’m wild, I’m… not as free as I’d like :frowning: Oh well

Chrono age: 27.7

“Real” age: 25.1

Chronological age: Two weeks shy of 35

Real age: 29.4

I come from healthy stock–it’s more luck of the draw than virtuous living on my part.

I think you guys broke it.

As the first one really seems to be broken, I did this one and :

  • Chronol. age : 27,6

  • Real age : 27,4

Not so much difference ! :frowning:

I knew before that I lived a pretty clean life and I get a lot of exercise, but dayum.

Chron. Age: 27.3
Real Age: 18.2


30.9 chronological age on the non-broken non-BBC test. 20.6 “real” age, and it still spammed me on how to make me “younger”. I’d have to declare a legal guardian if that happened…

Not really surprising. I hardly ever get sick and I’m an exercise buff with no real vices. After I got back in shape, people have been telling me I look 10 years younger than I really am. Now it’s scientific. :slight_smile:

Chrono (calendar) Age: 34.9

“RealAge:” 34.8
Not too bad.