Are Youtube's downloading speeds sucking for anyone else?

It seems lately videos get stuck and buffer constantly. Granted I have DSL but unless it was a long clip I used to not have very many problems. Anyone else finding it is not so good lately?

Same here. Even the lower resolutions(480) barely play .

Thank god, I thought it was my router.

Same here. I thought it was just because I was watching a favorite, popular web series episode (Marble Hornets) within an hour of its release, but tonight even a low-rez, 45-second long obscure video had to buffer a couple times during play.

Me, too.

Old trick for you. Not sure if it works still. If your videos are buffering slowly and you live in the US, try switching your region to Canada. I’m not sure if this works for other countries, but it used to be that switching to Canada led to noticeably faster buffering speeds.

That being said, I haven’t had any buffer speed problems on Youtube for a few months now. Even on 1080.

Today, sucks big time.

More specifically, I think this works: Change the URL to from to

I’ve been having buffering problems but at first I attributed it to my lackluster DSL speed.

I’ve been noticing issues lately as well.

It is irritating my ass. I am trying to just fucking watch a symphony but no, the thing keeps freezing up! I have good Internet, 12 Mbps. So I my Internet speed isn’t the problem. I don’t know what is. Even 240p is freezing up which is just pathetic and unacceptable.

Same here. very slow. I noticed that the commercials are playing just fine, though.

I thought it was just me! So relieved, yet still incredibly annoyed.