Area Mom Feels Free to Hang Out in the Men's Locker Room

Oh, look: it’s a woman! :eek: I’ve come to this aquatic center to swim laps probably close to a thousand times over the past decade, never saw that before. How awkward, since I’m standing here at my locker just about to change into my swimsuit, and there’s barely enough time to get my workout in before the place closes. But I’m sure you just made a mistake, and will leave tout de suite.

Oh. You’re settling in to change the little boy you brought with you out of his swimsuit and get him dressed, shoes and jacket on, all that jazz. How nice for you. Don’t mind me: I’ll just continue to stand here awkwardly, unsure of what to do. :confused:

Well, look, here comes the lifeguard walking through for shift change–he’ll surely notify you, politely but firmly, that if your son is too young to go to the men’s locker room alone, he should go with you to the women’s rather than you coming in here.

Oh. He gave you a few confused/pained glances but chickened out and didn’t say anything. :rolleyes:

Maybe I’ll just say fuck it, and go ahead and change. That might send a little hint your way, eh? I’m not really so modest that I am afraid to do that. But what if this somehow gets twisted into my being a flasher or something? That hardly seems fair, but I’m still hesitant to do anything, so I’ll just continue to stand here awkwardly, swimsuit in hand. :mad:

Okay, finally. Gotta hurry! Oh fun: looks like I have just about enough time for two laps–a warmup without a main phase or cooldown. Thanks, Area Mom! :smack:

Take out your cell phone and start taking pictures of her little boy. That’ll skeeve her out enough that she’ll never do it again. After all, all men are potential pedophiles. However you might also get a visit from law enforcement.

It’s possible she’s not from around here. In some European countries, they don’t have the same sensibilities about nudity that we in North America do.

I found this out when I was in Germany. A hotel I was staying in was a Spa Hotel. I choose to avail myself of the spa facilities and was surprised to find that the showers were co-ed. Alllllllrighty then!

She was Midwestern–I could tell by her accent.

As I say, I wouldn’t really care if I knew she didn’t really care. But I have this sense she was, to the extent she thought about it at all, implicitly expecting me to pack up my stuff and go into a stall to change or something like that.

Had it been a man doing the same thing in the women’s locker room, I’d say there would be a good chance he might be facing a lawsuit or worse. You should have raised a ruckus.

Or, at the very least, said “fuck it” and changed. That would have been golden. :smiley:

Someone needs to grow up. I’m not sure who.

Yeah, I do kind of wish I just went for that move. The problem with raising a ruckus was that the lifeguard came in before I resolved to act in any way, and by just observing what was going on and not saying anything, it was like an implicit sanctioning of her being there.

Can you elaborate? Are you insinuating that I was being immature? If so, how? :confused:

If you’re uncomfortable being naked in front of her, ask her to leave. If you are comfortable being naked in front of her, then go about your usual changing/showering.

Sounds like the facility needs a family change-room.

That would be a good idea, but I don’t know where they’d put it now. Everything’s sort of “baked in” with cinderblock construction, y’know?

Stand proud and naked. Then say, in your best gruff, “I’m too old to go diving into lockers!”

Underneath our clothes, we are all naked. Shhh.

If she would be offended to see a guy change, she wouldn’t have invaded the men’s locker room. You should have just ignored her and changed. Or asked whoever was at the front desk to tell her she should use the ladies’ facilities.

It’s not about her being offended or not. It’s about the guys in the locker room being offended. Like **Athena **said if it had been a man in the women’s locker room it would have been madness!

I assume the OP would have loved to report to the front desk but he was already late as it was.

Op said if he knew she wouldn’t care, he would have changed.

You also don’t KNOW that she won’t be offended - it would certainly be the thing to assume, but given just how stupid some people are, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if she tried to make some sort of scene about naked men.
And given that you just want a workout - that’s the last thing you need

Oh, she doesn’t care about you men and your silly exposed penises. The penis was just a means of acquiring her sweet little Boo-boo-kins, who she fusses over and dotes on and smothers with affection. If anyone is obsessed with penises, it’s those mean women in their locker room who won’t let her take care of him in there since he started growing pubic hair eight years ago.

One does wonder why she invaded the men’s room.

You should have faced the other direction and then slowly and exaggeratedly begun changing, starting with shoes and socks and finally with trunks. Hopefully she would get the hint and rush her kid out of the room before anything happened.

I’m 100% on the OP’s side here.

That said, I do remember a poster here starting a thread about how a father brought his young daughter in the men’s locker room. The poster wasn’t pitting the dad or anything but he did share how uncomfortable he felt changing in front of the little girl.

Which I also sympathize with.

Given these two choices I think the best choice is for the kid to go into whatever gender the parent is.

Because she was smart enough not to start a land war in Eurasia.