Aretha! What are you thinking?

You are a large woman. You can be large and still dress nicely. It’s done all the time! Look at Oprah, Camryn Manheim, etc.

What you had on for the Grammy’s made you look like Glinda the Good Witch after several bee stings!

If you must surround yourself with “Yes” people, hire a few who will be honest with you, also. You really needed someone to say, “You may be the Queen of Soul, but have a little S-E-L-F R-E-S-P-E-C-T!”

because of course, Self respect starts with how you dress.

I was watching the Grammy awards last night and when Aretha came on, my first words in IM to a friend of mine were “Good god, what the hell is Aretha wearing??”

Another friend of mine in LJ said that she resembled a wedding cake, which strikes me as fairly apt. Yeesh.

Anyone got a link? I love her, but a fashion plate she ain’t.

I did remark that she looked like her own parade float…

Here ya go Kalhoun.

Obligatory extra-extra-extra-extra-large Aretha Franklin photo link.

The way you guys were talking made it sound like she came out ina two piece bathing suit. What she had on isn’t that bad. It is actually pretty nice.

Imagine! Someone at the Grammy Awards dressing in an unusal manner!

Without that huge white stole around her shoulders the dress would have probably been very pretty.

What was she thinking?

I don’t think Aretha’s atrocious taste in clothes is due to lack of self-respect. I think it’s the opposite actually. She either doesn’t care what people think or she thinks she can wear whatever the hell she wants and still look good.

Like I said in Cafe Society thread-- she looked like she belonged on the top of a whale’s wedding cake.

Holy Christ! What the fuck was she thinking? Maybe someone told her, “Aretha, if you win it will be a Cinderella story; wear this and you’ll look JUST like Cinderella!”


She always dressed funny. I remember her back in the 70s wearing this pink fur minidress that made her look like a baby bird. While we’re on the subject, what was up with Faith Hill’s getup? She has beautiful legs but that doesn’t mean that she has to show us all of them. A minidress is one thing, but what she had on looked like a stripper costume, and the veil thing that she put on over her shoulders looked like an afterthought.

Okay, now I want pictures.

Monalisa- I said the exact same thing- it barely covered the crotch and looked silly. Weird!

UGH! She looks like her head is floating in the middle of an iceberg!!!

She looks like she sunk the Titanic in that get up!*

*Note-this is NOT a jab at her size-it’s a jab at the material of her outfit and that huge fucking COLLAR!

Gee Mona, the way you describe it, it sounds pretty nice. Now I want a link too

You’re welcome.

You can see her panties!

Aretha should have worn that.

Oh my god-she looks like she should be humping a fireman’s pole and flinging that scarf over her head!